KLGAME™ (Kellton Tech Location based Gamification, Analytics & rich Messaging Engine)

Every industry is going through a massive churn and executives are paying huge attention to provide superior customer service to their clients. To engage with customer on a personal level requires gaining insights about their movement, likes/dislikes and behavior.

Taking an example of retail industry; as to how vast amount of data that they are capable of slicing and dicing to understand customer's needs and the procedure of realizing consumer behaviour would be extremely useful. A new location based technology called beacon is providing businesses with a competitive edge to build more personal relationship with their customers. Big brands like Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, Walmart and more are investing heavily in beacons. According to a recent Adobe research, 18 per cent of marketers are reported to be actively testing or deploying beacons and the numbers are expected to double in 2015.

While beacons can transform the way you interact with your customers, it’s important to understand how beacons work before you make them a part of your customer engagement strategy.

Beacon is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology is supported by all major mobile platforms. A beacon emits a Bluetooth Smart signal including its UUID, Major & Minor properties. Bluetooth enabled devices listen for these signals via a native application and then detect nearby beacons who’s UUIDs have been pre-programmed to listen out for. Once a pre-programmed UUID is detected, you can record an analytics event as well as trigger a response within the enabled mobile application.

But to implement a beacon based solution is not an easy task. You need to build strong and scalable backend system along with mobile clients to interact with beacons. Along with these software components, appropriate beacon hardware is also required as per the requirement. One such platform is KLGAME™ by Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd.

KLGAME™ i.e. Kellton Tech Location based Gamification, Analytics & rich Messaging Engine is a platform which can enable rich notifications (text, audio, video) to be sent to users (using smart phones and other wearable devices like Google Glass etc.). KLGAME™ platform uses beacon/iBeacon technology to locate users.

KLGAME™ is designed in a flexible and scalable manner. With minimal customization it can be used to create multiple industry specific solutions like Travel, Hospitality, Retail, Entertainment, Advertisement, Healthcare etc.

There are two major components of KLGAME™:

  1. Mobile SDK
  2. Engine 

Mobile SDK resides on mobile phone / wearable devices and connects with the beacons to fetch beacon location and related data. SDK also communicates with Engine to notify it about user location and to fetch data specific to that location. Various UI applications can be created using this SDK.

 Engine is backbone of the system and constitutes 4 major components:

  • Big Data
  • Analytics
  • Cloud
  • Social 

Engine continuously fetches user location (based on its proximity with beacons) from mobile applications and stores it in the database. User demographics, behavior, history is fetched from earlier activities stored in the database and also from social media. Engine keeps on updating the users with relevant data based on user location. This data is stored in the Content Management System (CMS) of Engine and can be added/modified at run time based on real time analytics reports. This enables Admin to understand user location/ behavior and take relevant actions. Therefore, Analytics and Big Data which is an integral part of KLGAME™ generate reports for monitoring purpose providing minute-to-minute details about user activity and demographics.

KLGAME™ is designed in a fashion to serve many verticals ranging from stadiums, museums, to retail and airlines. A museum/store/mall can utilize this platform as a museum guide/goods locator/to push offers and coupons etc. For a museum/mall with high footfall, this can also be utilized to create a route map where traffic may be diverted to lower density areas.