API Driven Development

In the new normal characterized by a remote-working culture and geographically diverse workforce and customer base, businesses are increasingly building more hyper-integrated and connected digital ecosystems. Over the last couple of years, more and more forward-looking organizations across the globe are taking the API-first route to achieve the connectivity they need across their digital landscape. The accelerated pace of cloud adoption in business has also brought API-first development to the center stage.

At Kellton Tech, we’ve always been at the forefront of designing & implementing API-driven digital solutions for our clients and help them become nimble to change with more integrated and connected digital landscapes hosted on-premises, in the cloud, and beyond.

Whether your business is new to API-driven architecture or at an advanced stage of the APIs journey, we can help your business deliver transformational experiences using our deep industry expertise, a customer-centric mindset, and a team of API experts. To start your journey towards API-driven digital transformation, please talk to our experts.

Leading the Transformation

  • Case Studies

System integration isn’t a matter of connecting Point A to Point B, but enabling a conjunction of systems to operate and communicate in real-time. When systems are integrated in real-time, your data moves faster, IT efficiencies increase, and customer service improves. All in all, it’s a business scenario that rocket-fuels your growth. So, when our client wanted to integrate their disparate systems to support their complex, businesscritical needs, we knew that our new API-based solution will drive the innovation journey.

When the future and existence of a business are hooked with pegs of tradition, the company ought to undergo a never-ending process of attaining operational excellence to continue delivering value. So when our client wanted to uplift their 
digital channelization — aiming to sustain years of trust and relationship — we helped them perform gap analysis and risk assessment and declare conformity with the continuously changing smart access and security business landscape.

Time lost in insurance is business lost. With limited digital outreach and extensive dependency on conventional business practices, our client could not help their agents and partners achieve per-formance excellence — while working remotely — and keep up with the pace required to serve customers amidst crises such as COVID-19. So when the client wanted to interweave a digital ecosystem for employees, agents, and partners, we helped them lean on technology strings to tie up loose ends and roll on high-performant business continuity wheels.

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