Sushil Kumar Tripathi

Sushil Kumar Tripathi - Associate Vice President - Technology

"Sushil Kumar Tripathi - Vice President - Technology
Sushil Kumar Tripathi is a true Tech Guru; working as Vice President - Technology at Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd. He has worked on multiple technologies which include and are not limited to LAMP, Java/J2EE, .NET, Node.js, etc. Sushil has more than 10+ years of experience with Drupal and has worked on all the Drupal versions starting from Drupal 4.
Sushil is an expert of scalable system design and has worked as a Solution & Technical Architect for many years across all the major technologies in web and mobile and IoT space. Responsible for  Scalable Architecture Design,defining devops strategy, establishing standards, etc. An expert of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Micro Services, and component-based design, he has rich experience across multiple domains such as Decision Support System, E-Commerce & Online Market Places, Media & Publishing, Social Networking, and Enterprise Application Design & Integrations.