Businesses across the globe are opting for Kellton Tech’s cloud services as we deliver responsive solutions and help enterprises innovate their business processes. Our cloud services cover all types of domains as well as deliver models that help you innovate continuously.

Kellton Tech provides world-class cloud solutions to enterprises across different industry verticals. With an extensive experience and technical expertise in cloud technology, Kellton Tech helps enterprises gain a competitive edge and achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.

To keep pace with the growing competition, businesses face the challenge of working with complex service delivery models. Kellton Tech provides best-in-class end-to-end enterprise solutions leveraging cloud technology to assist in their digital transformation journey. We help you to build, execute, and manage your business processes with the help of cloud-based service delivery systems.

Public vs Private Clouds

Public cloud services are provided a service provider. These services are offered to multiple customers; solutions include SaaS (software as a service), IaaS (infrastructure as a service), and PaaS (platform as a service).

On the contrary, private cloud services are generally not accessible to individual or business subscribers. The private cloud services utilize technologies such as self-service or virtualization. These services run on a company’s private and exclusive infrastructure; it helps internal users or employees.

Our Key Offerings

  • Analytics: Business analytics resulting in risk-adjustment strategies leveraging cloud technology to make your business agile.
  • Governance & Risk Management: Security, governance and risk management issues are addressed by our superior quality cloud-based services. Recommendations include cloud architecture, workload management, and regulatory standards.
  • Architecture Services: Our team of experts offer solutions/services related to application and platform architecture solutions. We strive to deliver optimal cost-effective design comprising of high availability features.
  • Migration services: We use partially automated application migration tools to facilitate quicker implementation of cloud-based applications.
  • Hybrid clouds: We help enterprises combine legacy on-premise assets and public/private cloud-based services.
  • Managed Services: These applications are used by third-party cloud service providers.
  • Virtualization: Companies requiring huge amount of data storage can store data on a remote server or even in a virtual data center.