Business Integration

Architecture and Strategy

The aspects of Architecture and Strategy play very important role in the evolving domain of Business Integration. The Integration and Middleware domain over the years has morphed from core integration like B2B and EAI to value add solutions like BPM and Analytics and in recent trends even go further to provide big data analytics and agile application development platforms. In light of such wide and varying scope of the domain it is very important to have clear Architectural Strategy and roadmap.

Reference Architecture services from Kellton Tech establishes the order into the middleware domain in terms of Engineering, Patterns, Governance, Deployment Architecture, SDLC and Supportability of your platforms.

Kellton Tech has extensive experience and success in establishing Center of Excellence for several customers, defining the charter, goals and objectives but also formulating the team and training them to fulfill the role of a CoE.

Many enterprises with large legacy applications have at some point attempted to modernize or migrate their Legacy Mainframe platforms. As part of such strategic goals, Kellton Tech’s Legacy Modernization has been a core driving force in many SOA and EDA architecture. We help our customers leverage their investments in mainframe applications and modernize them to be participant in various IT strategies like eCommerce, Mobile etc.

SOA Vision to Realization

From defining an SOA Strategy and roadmap to delivering upon a planned maturity path and value realization is a journey that Kellton Tech has mastered in its years of domain expertise.

Many a times good services architecture will provide the foundation for rapid application development and interfaces through service re-composition that enable for composite and agile application development.

Such mature levels in SOA need good Governance that establishes a process to life-cycle of service based application SDLC.

SOA Governance

Success Stories in various Technologies:

  • IBM WebSphere WSSR
  • SAG webMethods CentraSite
  • IBM Datapower
  • SAG webMethods Mediator

Enterprise Cloud Readiness

Kellton Tech provides expert strategy towards enterprise cloud enablement. Simplified SaaS provider integration to architectures that allow enterprises to shift their IT Systems center of gravity from on-premises to cloud.

  • Streamlined SalesForce and other SaaS provider integration into enterprise systems
  • IoT and edge connectivity systems architecture
  • Mobile and Social connectivity and process integration

Success Stories in various Technologies:

  • SAG webMethods CloudStreams
  • SAG webMethods Integration Live

Infrastructure Services

Many organizations are challenged to manage their IT infrastructure in a very cost-effective, competitive and flexible in rapidly changing business requirements. Kellton Tech specializes in providing the best in breed Engineering of infrastructure for middleware and integration platforms.

Middleware platform Upgrade and Modernization services by Kellton Tech takes your as-is infrastructure and modernize its deployment and physical architecture to provide for the domain needs of the future. From assessment to regression testing to cut-over into the upgraded environments, Kellton Tech has a proven methodology in upgrade and modernization services.

As part of upgrade and modernization of your IT infrastructure Kellton Tech provides expert advise in performing growth analysis, performance tuning, capacity planning and high-availability engineering of your IT landscape and implement such enhancements and modernize your IT.

Many such organizations and IT infrastructures need a Business Continuity Plan that will implement a Disaster Recovery Plan and automation on its physical IT assets. Kellton Tech understands best the needs of various organizations weather limited in scope or holistic in view.

Kellton Tech’s Disaster Recovery and BCP engineering services

  • SAG webMethods Command Central
  • SAG webMethods Deployer
  • IBM

B2B Integration

Kellton Tech’s B2B Integration Services allow us to assist organizations of all sizes across multiple industries. From global manufacturing companies, a mid-size retailer, a small pharmaceutical company or a very large B2B exchange, Kellton Tech has built solutions for many of its customers over a decade.

We understand best the intricacies of complex EDI mapping, and devised solutions around 3-tier mapping frameworks that allow for flexible reuse of transformation maps. For many customers the Partner interfacing and B2B connectivity is front and center of their business and deal with 1000 of partners, for those customers Kellton Tech Partner Integration and Rapid Partner On-Boarding framework solutions help to streamline constant Partner enrollment, testing and management.

Kellton Tech provides valuable insight from its vast knowledge-base and implementation experts to implement solutions in Supply Chain Management automation and enablement of complex B2B processes like Order to Cash, Vendor Managed Inventory etc.

Our proven expertise in design and development of large scale B2B Exchanges for consortiums and B2B Transactional Gateways has enhanced the functions of banks and treasury services.

Success Stories in various Technologies:

  • SAG webMethods Trading Networks
  • SAG webMethods BPMS
  • IBM Sterling B2B and MFT
  • IBM Sterling Gentran

Enterprise Integration

Enterprise integration is a technical field of Enterprise Architecture which focuses on the study of topics such as system interconnection, electronic data interchange, product data exchange and distributed computing environments.

We have a dedicated team with subject matter expert in requirements gathering and understanding key integration principles to determine the business drivers and guiding principles that help in the development of proper enterprise integration and lay the right foundation for it.

We help organizations to adopt and implement ESB architecture to monitor and control routing of message exchange between services, resolve contention between communicating service components, control deployment and versioning of services, marshal use of redundant services, cater for commodity services like event handling, data transformation and mapping, message and event queuing and sequencing, security or exception handling, protocol conversion and enforcing proper quality of communication service. We help our clients reap the following key benefits from adopting the right ESB:

  • Increased flexibility; easier to change as requirements change
  • Scales from point-solutions to enterprise-wide deployment (distributed bus)
  • More configuration rather than integration coding
  • No central rules-engine, no central broker
  • Easy plug-in and plug-out and loosely coupling system
  • Incremental patching with zero down-time; enterprise becomes "refactorable"