Business Process Excellence

BPM Adoption & Program Management

BPM is a specialized skill that needs organizational alignment as well as technology & platform expertise. Kellton Tech has over 8 years of experience in this area and has helped organizations not only setup their BPM CoE but establish the mandate and measure the effectiveness of the CoE as well.

BPM Program Setup: Even prior to setting up a CoE, Kellton Tech can guide you in identifying and executing the steps to setting up a BPM Program.

Kellton Tech also offers customized Training. Our Training team will utilize process Models relevant to your business and will structure the training material based on your specific needs and maturity with the program or the platform.

Process Analysis and Optimization

During the Business Process Analysis (BPA) companies perform all the activities necessary for the classification of business processes and applications, and all activities necessary for the mapping between users, processes and applications. A well-conducted analysis phase is a success guarantee for the entire project optimization.

Kellton Tech can help your organization identify the root causes of workflow issues and resolve them.  Starting with an analysis of your business processes from beginning to end, we identify and eliminate inefficiencies that may exist. We provide high quality analysis and optimization of business processes for companies and institutions.

The dynamic environment constantly increasing customer requirements and severe competition today require that organizations quickly adapt their structure and business processes to achieve better financial results. Kellton Tech has a systematic approach to help your business adapt quickly to necessary changes and it could be summarized as following:

•    Identification of company's needs
•    Description and representation of the already existing processes
•    Identification of critical processes
•    Functional analysis of critical processes and of its procedures
•    Definition of the objective function and related functions
•    Identification and description of supporting processes.

Process Design and Integration

Every business is under pressure to automate manual processes, better integrate internal systems and securely share data with external parties. Business Process Integration breaks down barriers between systems and their data and creates processes and controls that are more efficient and useful to your business, customers, and partners.

Kellton Tech has a dedicated SME team in Business Process Integration (BPI) that can help your business to synchronize company’s internal operations with those of its other divisions and its trading partners by connecting disparate systems in real-time. We have dedicated partnership with all key major players in the Business Process Design and Integration software vendors. Therefore our team is capable to suit and tailor the right product and custom solution to your business need.

From set-up through process design to process execution and monitoring, Kellton Tech skilled team can drive business process integration across your enterprise using the right technology.

Process Management and Orchestration

Business Rules Management
A business rule is a statement that defines or constrains some aspect of the business. It is intended to assert policy or to control or influence the behavior of the business. The business rules that concern the project are atomic — that is, they cannot be broken down further

The Business Rules Management system is an integral component of the Business Process Management. This allows the seamless integration of business rules within business processes and business objects during orchestration, ensuring faster execution during run time.

Commerce Solutions

  • Jump Start Services to help you get started and accelerate your Commerce Journey
  • Consulting Services to help you increase market share for e-commerce operations using data analysis and a stronger B2C and B2B infrastructure.
  • Migration Services from Ver5 and Ver6 to take advantage of new features and functionalities
  • Optimized search capability (integration with tools like Endeca)
  • External application integration
  • Sales Center Implementation
  • Site Analytics [Integration with IBM Coremetrics]
  • Gift Center Implementation
  • Globalization and multi currency

Business Activity Monitoring
Business Activity Monitoring or BAM is a key component of the Business Process Management Platform. High performing business processes are crucial for the success of a business. Only with tight control and real-time monitoring of Key Performance Indicators, are companies able to act fast on business opportunities. Business Activity Monitoring allows you to respond quickly to process or activity inefficiencies, to ensure that business processes run smoothly, and guarantee that critical business services are available.

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) offers the information about the status and results of various operations, processes, and transactions. Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) provides real-time solutions to the organizations including interactive and automated event processing which improves the business functionality. BAM solutions identify problems and send alerts to the organizations, which help them resolve the problems before it turns critical. Whether it is sales, marketing, finance, manufacturing or service, Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) can help the organizations improve the functions in each and every department.