Our Digital Connected Enterprise Services focuses on following industries:

Retail & E-commerce

The adoption of new technologies has accelerated rapidly among retail stores in the last ten years, spanning the industry from health chains to oil corporations. However, as with any market experiencing growing pains, the retail sector often runs into issues such as outdated infrastructure, non-automated procurement processes, limited supply chain visibility and inefficient logistics. To smoothen-up such processes, Kellton Tech has custom-built mobility solutions for retail chain stores.


Manufacturing businesses need the flexibility to plan and execute in a dynamic environment. Ability to quickly adapt and leverage is vital, not just to build and sustain a leadership position, but also to survive and envision a larger tomorrow. Adaptability and agility are clearly the cornerstones to success.

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) is one of the most dynamic and talked about industries today. Consumers facing the hectic pace of a modern life are eager to leverage solutions that ease day-to-day burdens. Kellton Tech provides cutting edge mobility solutions to enterprises and has custom-built mobile applications for leading financial institutions.