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Drupal Module Contribution: Key cache clear

This module provides permission configuration and allows the administrator to access and make changes to other roles. It is faster than the traditional Drupal core clear cache function and provides a keyboard shortcut which is convenient and easy to use.

Drupal Meetup 2017

Kellton Tech organizes Drupal Meetup 2017 in Gurugram.
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Drupal Module Contribution: Json autocomplete

This module provides enhanced autocomplete widget which is better in performance as compared to default autocomplete widget.

Drupal Module Contribution: Content Type Field Stats

This module provides a report of content type's field.

Drupal Module Contribution: Dropcap Ckeditor Plugin

This module extends CKEditor plugin to insert drop cap and improve the content authoring experience by using CKEditor's new widget interface.

Sponsoring DrupalCon Baltimore

24-28 April 2017, Maryland, USA

Drupal Module Contribution: Vuukle Comments

This module provide the vuukle integration with Drupal 7 nodes. Administrator can choose which content type node should be integrated with the vuukle comment system.

Drupal Module Contribution: Two Step Delete

This module overrides delete permission of site users and restricts site users to delete content in published state.

Drupal Module Contribution: Google Standout Tag

This module adds a tag (Meta or Link) which is visible only to automated systems and not readers. By using this tag Google places a “Featured” marker label on the piece in News search results and on the Google News homepage.

Drupal Module Contribution: Available Hooks

Available Hooks module provides all hooks from currently installed modules into your project.

Drupal Module Contribution: Two Steps Login

By enabling this module all the users can quickly access their accounts by just one click and entering their password. Users can manage their different accounts in the website.

Drupal Module Contribution: Node Alias History

This module keeps full history of all the aliases for the node. Whenever the alias of a node is changed or updated, user can view the complete history of all the aliases.

Drupal Module Contribution: Field Image Label

Field Image Label module allows you to use image as a label.

Drupal Module Contribution: Files Version

The files version module provides functionality to maintain the version of current drupal instance. It iterate recursively and saves drupal files into database and create a new version on current timestamp.

Drupal Module Contribution: Noscript Tag

Noscript tag module displays noscript tag when javascript is disabled in users browser. Site admin can configure what content to be displayed in the noscript tag. In some browsers the script tag is disabled or javascript is disabled, which leads to bad user experience. In those cases this module comes in handy by displaying a message in top of site.
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Drupal Module Contribution: On Page Search

On page search module provides functionality to search on single page. It is replacement of CTRL+F of browser.

Drupal Module Contribution: Permissions CSV

This module provides role wise import/export of permissions.

Drupal Module Contribution: Webform Hide Upload Button

This module allow user to hide upload button for file field component on webform, so by default upload button will be hidden and on select of any file it will show so that user can upload file.


Attended DrupalCon, Dublin

26-30 September 2016,  Ireland

Drupal Module Contribution: Signout Sessions

This module allows site users to sign out from all other sessions if the sessions exist. (session for current logged in user remains)

Drupal Module Contribution: Commerce Jio Money

The Jio Money Payment Gateway module implements the Jio Money payment processing service in Drupal Commerce.

Drupal Module Contribution: Schemadata

This module provides you a single page view to check all the mysql tables and related data.

Drupal Module Contribution: Metatag Import Export CSV

MetaTag Import Export CSV can be used to import metatags form a CSV file or Export metatags to a CSV file.

Drupal Module Contribution: Metatag Replace

Metatag Replace is used to either search or replace Meta tags on your site.

Sponsored DrupalCon New Orleans

9-13 May 2016, Louisiana, USA
Kellton Tech was the Tote Bag Sponsor at this event and Karanjit Singh, CEO Kellton Tech Solutions delivered a talk on Digital Transformation using IoT and Drupal.

Drupal Module Contribution: Admin Content Notification

This Module can be used for receive email notification when a new content of any content type will be created on your site

Hosted Drupal Meetup

 12 March 2016, Gurgaon

Sponsored DrupalCon, Asia

18-21 February 2016, Mumbai, India
Kellton Tech became a part of the first ever organized DrupalCon Asia as Gold & Lanyard Sponsor. A recruitment drive was also conducted at the event and received impressive response from Drupal experts.


Sponsored DrupalCon, Los Angeles

11-15 May 2015, California, USA

Drupal Module Contribution: FieldUpdate

This module updates all old / existing node with a default value.

Drupal Module Contribution: Content Assign to Other User

The basic use of this module is when you cancel a user the content belongs to this user can be assigned to other users from different roles.

Hosted Global Drupal Code Sprint

17-18 Jan 2015, Gurgaon

Participated & Sponsored Drupal Camp, Delhi

10-11 January 2015, Delhi, India
Megan Sanicki, Associate Director - Drupal Association, was the Keynote Speaker at the event. She said "Kellton Tech has amazingly used Drupal with iBeacon, Google Glass and Smartphones to create a very innovative application KLGAME™


Drupal Module Contribution: Bulk Comment Delete

This module allow to delete all comments and replies according to content type selection.

Module Contribution Update: User Created By

This is very helpful in sites where particular user roles are allowed to create other users and with this module it can be easily shown who created which user.

Sponsored DrupalCon Austin

2-6 June 2014, Texas, USA

Drupal Module Contribution: Contact Extra Validation

The module allows the Admin to validate that the contact form is genuine and is not a fake one. It helps in controlling spam inquiries.


Participated & Sponsored in Drupal Camp, Delhi

9-10 Nov 2013, Delhi, India

Sponsored DrupalCon, Prague

23-27 September 2013, Czech Republic

Sponsored DrupalCon, Portland

20-24 May 2013, Oregon, USA


Drupal Module Contribution: Google Chat

This chat module enables you to seamlessly integrate Gmail/Facebook style chat into your existing website.

Drupal Module Contribution: Password Field

This module allows you to create fields that store passwords. It will store the passwords in encrypted format and (by default) will not display them on the website.

Drupal Module Contribution: Calc

Through this calculator you can perform basic mathematical operations such +, -, /, *. Also allows you to perform calculation of decimal values, calculate percentage of values and calcuate reciprocal value. It can also perform calcuations on negative numbers.

Drupal Module Contribution: Block Commenter

It helps administrators to block the list of registered users from commenting, corresponding to selected content types.
Thus it prevents spammers from commenting on the Drupal site.

Drupal Module Contribution: Lights Out

This module adds a jQuery "lights off" / "lights out" effect to any theme region. The lights out button can be configured as a block or added to the links area of any content type.

Drupal Module Contribution: Login Redirect

This method is used to redirect users according to an URL-defined parameter after logging in. This allows redirects to non-Drupal location.

Drupal Module Contribution: Domain finder

This module creates a new block to search for domain names and generate results showing whether they are free or unavailable.

Drupal Module Contribution: Tic Tac Toe

This module implements an interactive Tic Tac Toe game. It can present a Tic-Tac-Toe board that is updated using AJAX requests upon each user move.

Drupal Module Contribution: Postal Code

A very minimal D7 Postal Code (ZIP Code) field with validation for one country or a combination of countries.

Drupal Module Contribution: Project Estimator

This module can be used to count the number of lines and characters contained in the files of a project. It can traverse a given project directory recursively and process files that match a given file name pattern.

Drupal Module Contribution: Domain Roles

It allows you to save user roles per domain. It allows a certain user to be just authenticated on one domain and admin on another etc.

Sponsored DrupalCon, Denver

19-23 March 2012, Colorado, USA

Drupal Module Contribution: Views Record Count

This module will add additional functionality in views. You can see the record count in views header/footer of a page.

Drupal Module Contribution: Thank You Commenter

Module to send an e-mail to a person who comments on nodes.

Drupal Module Contribution: jform_label

This module, hides the label of form elements and displays the label inside of particular element.

Drupal Module Contribution: Google Image Sitemap

This will create a sitemap for google and provide information about images on your site.


Drupal Module Contribution: Random IDs

This is useful for websites who wish to hide the real number of nodes/users.

Attended DrupalCon, USA

7-10 March 2011, Chicago, Illinois, USA

First Digital Asset Management cum CMS


Drupal Module Contribution: WebRupee

Symbol for Indian currency was approved by the Union Cabinet on 15 July 2010. WebRupee is a web API for the symbol of Indian currency, it makes the rupee symbol available to everybody on the web.


Drupal Module Contribution: User Visits Advanced

The User Visits Advanced is a contributive module for the User Visits module.


First Drupal Project Delivered

Kellton Tech's first Drupal project, developed in Drupal 4.5, was for GoingOn Networks. It is a combination of several big networks. Dries Butyaert, founder of Drupal, supported this website and did code reviews for us.

First DrupalCon Participation by Kellton Tech

Portland, Oregon, USA