Drupal Engagement Models

From the inception of Kellton Tech, Drupal has been a major keystone for designing and developing websites. We employ agile methodology to create high-performing, feature-rich, and scalable websites.  

Our expert Drupal developers have vast experience and are equipped with latest trends to deliver Drupal-based solutions to surpass customer expectations.

Our flexible engagement models ensure quick deliverables and cost-effective solutions to help enterprises accomplish their business objectives. Our Drupal developers have technical expertise in code development, business requirement analysis, project management, custom UI/UX designing, and quality assurance.

We follow a well-developed partnership maturity model to build a relationship towards strategic value with our client over its lifetime.

  • Time & Material Engagement: This engagement model provides customer flexibility as well as a measured & controlled ROI. Clients usually opt for this model when the scope of work and deliverables are not defined clearly or when there is a specific level of research and development work involved in the project.
    • Agreed rate per hour between client and Kellton Tech.
    • No. of hours tracked using time sheets, maintained by client or Kellton Tech.
    • Terms and conditions agreed upon through an SLA, subject to revision. 
  • FixedPrice/Time Model: In this low-risk engagement model, the scope of work and project specifications are clearly specified by the client in a detailed document. 
    • Project execution as per document.
    • Prior approval required ( based on fixed hourly rate) for change in scope at later stages of project execution.
    • Scope of work defines a Minimum Viable Product with certain features to ensure cost-effectiveness of the project. 
  • Dedicated Development Facility: We offer a dedicated set of technical resources having desired skill sets for the development of your application or website. Additionally, we also provide the desired development environment, i.e. equipment, infrastructure, and virtual control for client's supervision. We understand the unique demands of our clients to provide customized framework/processes for agile development. 
  • Milestone-based Billing: For long-term projects needing remote management, we allow our clients to test the product during development stages. In this model, the milestones are predefined along with average hourly rates against estimated efforts. This model reduces risks and increases financial viability due to visibility of product development.