Drupal Partners

Kellton Tech has been recognized by Acquia and Drupal Association for its active contribution to the development of Drupal community.

Certifications from Acquia

Acquia and Drupal Association have certified Kellton Tech as a Supporting partner and Inaugural Technology Supporter of the Drupal Community.

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  • Sponsor, DrupalCon 2014: Over the years, Kellton Tech has been one of the prominent sponsors of the event, lending support to DrupalCon Prague (2013), DrupalCon Portland (2013), DrupalCon Munich (2012) and DrupalCon Denver (2012). Kellton Tech is also a proud Drupal Association Supporting Partner as well as Drupal Association Inaugural Technology Supporter. DrupalCon is revered as one of the most significant Drupal events and in 2014 it was hosted at the Austin Convention Center from June 2-6, in Austin, Texas.
    Apart from offering a spectrum of niche services related to Drupal development and migration solutions, Kellton Tech has also actively added back to the knowledge pool by developing and contributing over 26 modules to Drupal.org. Some of the top modules authored, developed or co-maintained by Kellton Tech are Devel, Advanced help, Site map, User visits, Navigate, Hostip, WebRupee, Google Image SiteMap, etc.
  • Gold & Lanyard Sponsor, DrupalCon Asia 2016: Kellton Tech attended the first ever organized DrupalCon Asia held in Mumbai from 18th – 21st February, 2016 as Gold & Lanyard Sponsor. The company also conducted Recruitment Drive at the event and received impressive response from Drupal experts.
  • CEO delivers talk at DrupalCon New Orleans 2016: On the third day of the DrupalCon New Orleans 2016, Karanjit Singh, CEO Kellton Tech Solutions delivered a talk on Digital Transformation using IoT and Drupal. A number of people attended the session while Karanjit shared insights, best practices, and expertise with all attendees.