Digital Transformation

Kellton Tech powers Digital / m-commerce for:

  • One of the world's largest eCommerce marketplace.
  • 3 out of top 4 eCommerce companies in India.
  • Top 2 digital wallet companies in India.
  • India's largest airline by market share.
  • India's most trusted food service brand for 10 years in a row.
  • A leading eCommerce company in Middle East.

Digital disruption impose greater demands on IT systems and organizations, companies must consider an end-to-end approach for upgrading and managing business technologies.


The Fourth Industrial Revolution is witnessing innovation based on combinations of technologies that is forcing enterprises to reimagine their business processes.

Benefits of Digital Transformation

Digital technology is permeating every aspect of our lives, including home, business, industry and the wider society, thus creating new and innovative forms of value and transforming the way we do almost everything.


  • Predictive maintenance
  • Asset utilisation
  • Disaster planning and recovery
  • Inventory tracking

Social Media

  • Digital marketing tools to cross and up-sell
  • Business communication and collaboration tools
  • Big data, analytics tools
  • Online gaming


  • Supply chain management (“SCM”) – streamline inventory management, storage
  • Business communication and collaboration tools, location based services
  • ERP, CRM, sales force automation

Big data Analytics

  • Data warehousing, data mining based on next-gen architecture, storage
  • Cloud based infrastructure, databases and analytics tools
  • Application processing tools: query, analysis


  • Cloud consulting, broker, integrator and cloud system
  • Virtualized infrastructure and application management
  • Customizing SaaS packages

Applying digital technologies helps enterprises create a personalized experience for customers, increases brand visibility, and helps you reach a wider target audience.

Why Customers Want Digital Transformation?


Why Kellton Tech?

Digital transformation is transforming how customers nowadays interact with the enterprises. Modern customers expect high levels of service, real-time access to information, and high quality product from every channel or line of business.

Today, enterprises are expected to have a thorough understanding of their customer needs and should engage in a smarter way of customer interaction. Kellton Tech strives to help enterprises adapt to ever-changing technology needs, along with helping them meet their short-term goals.  

Digital disruption is difficult to navigate for traditional enterprises. Embracing a technology shift makes it difficult for enterprises to change their business processes. Often, companies find it difficult to maintain a status-quo. However, successful organizations regard every customer touchpoint as a golden opportunity to engage, influence, and enter into customer transaction, whereas the laggards focus on internal processes and legacy solutions.

We provide able assistance, guidance and thought leadership throughout the client’s digital transformation journey. Our core services include:

  • Define initial strategy
  • Provide customer research analytics
  • Integrated marketing support
  • Agile innovation of the enterprise

Our expertise lies in engaging and influencing customers, providing comprehensive offerings, and developing proven platforms for creating omnichannel customer experiences. Our solutions help clients achieve higher customer value and market differentiation.

Digitizing Business with Kellton Tech's Modular Approach

customer experience_0_0.png 

Elevating Customer Experience

Customer Understanding
  • Analytics distribution
  • Social soundness
Top Line Growth
  • Digitally enhanced selling
  • Predictive marketing
  • Integrated customer processes
Customer Touch Points
  • Customer support
  • Cross-channel consistency
  • Self service

business process_0_0.png

Re-structuring Business Process

Digitizing Process
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Adding features
Staff Augmentation
  • Staff availability
  • Swift communication
  • Community knowledge
Performance Management
  • Operational transparency
  • Data-driven decision making

business model_0.png

Modernizing Business Model

Digitally Structured Business
  • Product/Service Augmentation
  • Porting Physical to Digital
Visibly Digital
  • Digital Products
  • Redesigning Organizational Boundaries
Digital Globalization
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Redistribution Decision Authority
  • Shared Digital Services

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