Microsoft Technologies

Microsoft .NET Development

Two of Kellton Tech’s founders spent their formative years at Microsoft head quarters in Redmond, Wash. working on various platforms such as Commerce Servers and Microsoft Vista. It is no surprise then that Microsoft technologies have always occupied a special place at Kellton. Today, Kellton Tech has a has a large team of specialists in .Net development. We have been helping many large companies such as Sony, Kuoni, Max Bupa and others take their projects live. We are equally comfortable utilizing Sharepoint, Dot-Net-Nuke and other custom-made platforms.

Services and Applications Related to Microsoft .Net Development

Kellton is an end-to-end Microsoft .Net developer. Our services include complete website conceptualization and development, customized creatives and theme development, front-end and back-end setup, migration and revamp of existing sites, testing and quality assurance, deployment, optimization and maintenance. 

SharePoint Development

Developed by Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft SharePoint is a collaborative tool that makes it easier for companies to work on web content management and document management through a broad central platform. SharePoint works on several web applications that support multi-layered enterprise business needs. The need to coordinate, search for specialists and share information across offices makes SharePoint an indispensible tool. Superior customer service is achieved when the right people have uninterrupted access to accurate information constantly.
Today, many companies depend on Kellton Tech to provide SharePoint solutions for content management, business collaboration, content search, web-portals and analytics to facilitate agile responses to dynamic business needs. For many organizations, Kellton Tech is the perfect SharePoint partner to facilitate a deep level of collaboration.

We are an end-to-end solution provider for Microsoft Sharepoint development. Our services include product conceptualization and UI definition, Sharepoint module development, Sharepoint themes, Sharepoint deployment, Sharepoint maintenance, Sharepoint workflows.

DotNetNuke Development

Rapid and cost-effective development has always been a Kellton Tech mantra. We have made significant investments to evaluate various development platforms and frameworks, determine which are the most effective and train team members accordingly. DotNetNuke is one such effective platform. Built on Microsoft .Net, DotNetNuke boasts of being one of the most popular .Net content management systems with six million downloads.

Kellton Tech has been utilizing DotNetNuke effectively for applications such as content management systems, social software, publishing and media applications, intranet, HR systems, CRMs, etc. Kellton Tech is an end-to-end house as far as DotNetNuke development is concerned. Our services include customized creatives and theme development, complete website front-end and back-end setup, migration of existing sites to DotNetNuke, customization of existing DotNetNuke modules and development of custom modules, testing and quality assurance, deployment, optimization and maintenance.