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SAG Partner

Kellton Tech is a proud Software AG webMethods partner since 2003 and recognized among the best-known implementation experts and resellers of webMethods in the industry. As webMethods experts, we develop, innovate, and integrate IT-enabled solutions that help organizations channel high degree of agile planning and operational innovation across workflows and unlock business value at scale.

With 18+ years of service excellence in delivering accelerated Software AG solutions, we have long-standing and vitally important relationships with our global enterprise clients. Our partners have achieved operational superiority with our webMethods integration and consulting services that modernized and automated their IT systems and processes. As a result, they have achieved higher levels of efficiency and growth, and are better positioned to meet ever-changing business demands.

Our experts understand webMethods in their entirety and develop implementation strategies, which are: 

  • We power and streamline digital futures with webMethods’ highly adaptable technology, Digital Business Platform. We blend microservices with APIs, DevOps, and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) to create a technology ecosystem that drives agility and innovation in developing cloud-ready applications. 
  • We use webMethods Trading Networks for consolidating document processing and simplifying B2B partner onboarding. 
  • We use webMethods Business Process Management System (BPMS) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to enable consistency and agility across business workflows for higher productivity and infuse a culture of predictive growth. 
  • We help achieve Hybrid integration architecture using webMethods Integration Cloud (iPaaS) platform that supports on-premise application integration with SaaS and API-based cloud application integration. As a result, they rapidly build greater business scalability and eliminate silos while maximizing existing integration investments. 


  • We help our clients engineer a digital middleware ecosystem that help provision In-memory Data Grid (IMDG) storage for high-throughput microservices and APIs with Terracotta and BigMemory components of the Digital Business Platform.
  • We build open, scalable, and heterogeneous IoT ecosystems using Cumulocity IoT and Apama Real-time Analytics components of Software AG. These IoT environments span across all the physical devices installed within the facilities and enable enterprises to connect with data touchpoints in a go. As a result, enterprises find it easy to manage their fast-moving data and gain relevant insights in real-time. 
  • We help enterprises maintain, modernize, and upgrade critical integration systems with Software AG’s Digital Business Platform, combined with Managed Services, Application Maintenance, and Support.
  • We provide strategy, architecture, and advisory services to help our clients and their IT teams in:

                1. Managing APIs and DevOps, covering various aspects of people and culture training;

                2. Enabling technology and systems Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) in the maturity roadmap of an effective DevOps strategy

  • We employ technologies such as Git Jenkins, WmTestSuite, CrossVista. and other DevOps automation tools to establish rapid time-to-market of middleware and integration functionality of a Digital Enterprise.

Our Solutions

webMethods Upgrade and Modernization to Digital Business Platform with DevOps

Move to the Next Wave of Digital Integration with Software AG Digital Business Platform and DevOps 

Our experts transform your existing webMethods infrastructure into modular business platforms that help achieve maximum efficiency and meet futuristic needs. Our proven methodologies cover every touchpoint of your transformation from assessment, regression testing to cut-over into the upgraded environments and deliver operational intelligence to achieve seamless integrations. Our professionals are adept at setting up DevOps practices in webMethods for CI/CD and Testing Automation and enabling onboarding in minutes. 

The Kellton Tech Advantage

  • Achieve upgraded Software AG software in the shortest time with cost savings of up to 30%
  • Maximize Out-of-the-box (OOTB) functionality to optimize integration build and reduce costs with automation and DevOps adoption
  • Access a variety of self-service tools and extensions for upgrading project activities

Real-Time Analytics of IoT and BigData with Apama

Enterprises are required to react faster to the increasingly competitive and real-time business world. Deriving more value from data can help them gain insights into evolving opportunities and imminent threats and transform just at the speed of today’s ever-expanding business landscape. Since mapping and consolidating exponential volumes of data can be demanding, our advanced and fully customizable solutions built on Software AG can help you cut through the struggle and unlock the real value of the untapped enterprise data. 


Extract insights from enterprise data, predict what’s coming up next, and build adaptive capacity to meet expectations and challenges alike with Apama. Our experts implement and leverage APAMA streaming analytics capabilities for enterprises that aspire to strengthen their hands at big data analytics. With predictive insights in real-time, we help organizations see through the future, rebuild strategies to act better on circumstances, and achieve frictionless growth. 

Cumulocity IoT

Cumulocity IoT helps bring physical devices across networks on a single platform, making IoT connectivity and management simple. Our customizable solutions based on Cumulocity IoT platform by Software AG helps organizations easily integrate various physical devices with IT landscape and leverage insights to remain competitive.


Kellton Tech’s KLGAME™ (Kellton Tech Location-based Gamification, Analytics, and rich Messaging Engine) is an independent streaming analytics platform for retail domain. This is an innovative IoT solution based on iBeacon technology that engages customers by sending real-time text, audio, and video messages to users with respect to relevant promotional and marketing events.

Rapid B2B and Partner Integration Solutions

In today’s uber-connected, fast-as-light-speed digital age, B2B onboarding can’t wait. Our B2B Gateway and Rapid Onboarding Frameworks can aid enterprises in implementing B2B and EDI integrations with greater agility.

The Kellton Tech Advantage

  •  Develop B2B implementation strategy
  •   Handle data and protocols
  •   Optimize B2B transactions
  •   Design, develop, and operate B2B solutions

High Throughput Data-as-a-service Architecture Leveraging In-Memory Data Grids with Terracotta and Big Memory

Achieve Strong Hybrid Integration with Low Latency using Software AG’s Terracotta and Big Memory

Kellton Tech help enterprises integrate and store data for advanced analytics with latest in-memory solutions using Terracotta and Big Memory. Our solutions enable enterprises to streamline data architecture and boost serviceability by building inventory assets saved in data lakes, both on-premise and on-cloud. This provides for a range of benefits, including faster response to customers, higher throughput, and optimized resource allocation. 

webMethods API Management: APIs for Legacy Modernization and Digital Transformation

APIs are a crucial progressive index of organizations treading on the path to digital. Delving on the capabilities of Software AG’s API Management Platform, we empower organizations to efficiently design, create, manage, secure, expose, and socialize APIs that are focused on user experience by leveraging enablers such as Mobile and Enterprise data as a service strategy. 

Unified API Portal Framework for Software AG

Our experts build consistent and collaborative environment for enterprises looking to showcase their APIs and build resonance with the developers’ community by taking them to newer app-driven possibilities. Our intuitive solutions with strong API security and built-in analytics help boost the API economy for our clients. Additionally, we also support seamless integration with other webMethods components including SOA Governance and SOA Life-cycle management solution. 

Normalizing SaaS Integration with CloudStreams

Our experts are proficient in using webMethods CloudStreams for implementing feature-rich, scalable solutions to integrate SaaS with Social Streams, or an on-premise application with a single-point governance and traffic analytics software in the cloud.