Fiori/User Experience

Delivering personalized, responsive and simple user experiences

Technology is rapidly changing the way we work, consume content and experience technology. As consumers’ demands increase, their patience decreases. When it comes to apps, consumers don’t do training and they won’t read instructions. Their interactions have to be intuitive, instant and enjoyable. If what they download doesn’t quickly meet their requirements and expectations, they simply delete it and move on to another.

SAP Fiori provides unified apps for simplifying daily tasks to drive business growth and productivity. It reimagines the user experience by providing easy-to-use consumer-grade experiences that work seamlessly across multiple devices. By using modern UX design principles, SAP Fiori personalizes and simplifies the user experience for your SAP applications, across all your lines of business and tasks. At Kellton Tech, we can help you rapidly implement and deploy SAP Fiori to instantly improve your operations and generate greater business value across the board.

How we can help

We are a certified SAP Gold Partner with over a decade of experience across a number of leading SAP Solutions. As such, we can help you completely reimagine the user experience using SAP Fiori - the latest evolution of the user experience for SAP S/4HANA.

Our highly experienced and heavily certified team can rapidly deploy personalized, responsive and simple user experiences across multiple deployment options including desktop, smartphone, or tablet. If you want to improve the way people experience your brand, experience working with us.


  • Get increased levels of productivity
  • Get faster and more direct access to relevant information and applications
  • Get better transparency on items needing your attention with timely notifications
  • Get help deciding what needs to be done next
  • Get used to quicker and more-informed actions
  • Get increased user satisfaction
  • Get harmonized user experience across premises and cloud solutions
  • Get one central and role-based entry point to access all your apps

Need help? Then you just need to tell us.

Whatever business problem you have, we have the SAP Fiori Solutions to help.