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Facilitating the flow of information with Kellton Tech

In construction, your finished product is only as good as the flow of information that went into building it. Whether it comes in on time, on budget and as expected, depends on an extensive exchange of data and information. In order to improve construction performance and reduce operational costs, you can integrate a number of tools and services aligned to your business requirements. That’s where we come in.

From task control and material/resource control, to data integration and transparent communication with suppliers, we can provide you with domain specialists, industry practitioners and enterprise consulting services to address your most critical business challenges. We develop, fine-tune and provide integrated IT solutions that impact every area of construction. It’s why we’re known as a site manager’s best friend. So if you want to achieve operational excellence, drive growth and improve your end-customer experience with our IT solutions, let us help you lay the foundations.

Our innovative, integrated and proven solutions include:

  • Bid proposals, resource management, job-phase management and service management
  • Business transformation insights and recommendation
  • Project accounting, inventory billing and project reporting
  • Technology and process improvements across ERP, project control, IT operations and HSSE
  • Adopting next generation technologies such as mobility, analytics and IoT
  • Improving business productivity, decision making, project execution and collaboration
  • Integration of operational systems with the existing IT infrastructure
  • Engineering, design and automation delivery models
  • End-to-end integrated project management visibility and control
  • Business process outsourcing services
  • Standardization, simplification and optimization of business processes

Need help? Then you just need to tell us.

Whatever business problem you have, we have the construction solution to help.