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Digital technologies are disrupting the entire value chain and business models of the media and entertainment industry, with terms like ‘content personalization’ and ‘audience measurement’ moving beyond just buzzwords. In this massively disrupted landscape with a wide range of screens and a deluge of content offerings, the only way forward for traditional media and entertainment businesses is to transform into intelligent enterprises and create value. Kellton Tech, a global provider of custom media and entertainment software solutions, helps content providers build the infrastructure and internal capabilities to meet the evolving demands of the consumers. Our innovative solutions for digital asset management, OTT streaming, gaming, among others, enable content producers and distributors to deliver connected experiences spanning multiple touchpoints.

Technologies at the Forefront of Innovation in Media and Entertainment

Full-scale adoption of digital technologies is taking entertainment to the next level by creating rich viewing experiences. Leveraging digital mediums enables media and entertainment companies to acquire new audiences and extend customer lifetime value. 


Machine learning algorithms and AI personalization enables content distributors to deliver relevant content accurately and swiftly at a scale that human intelligence can’t match.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is making its way into media and entertainment for automating back-office processes such as digital supply chain management and customer onboarding.



A robust and integrated security architecture consisting of next-generation firewalls and SSL/TLS is crucial for media and entertainment companies to protect the personal information of millions of users.


AR and VR technology offers immersive viewing experiences by allowing live streaming in a 360-degree format for a large number of audiences thereby improving consumer engagement.

Our Clients

Our solutions help clients capitalize on the rising demand for streaming services and smart devices. A market-leading software solutions provider to the media and entertainment industry, we help our clients deliver personalized content anytime, anywhere, and on any device through:

  • Helping respond to shifts in technology and audience demographics
  • Enriching live broadcasting with deep insights
  • Optimizing video quality for disparate devices
  • Protecting digital content from piracy and unauthorized access
  • Innovative content bundling for personalized user experiences


Our Media and Entertainment Software Solutions

We develop next-generation digital solutions by leveraging immersive technologies to accelerate content production, transform audience experiences, and drive content monetization. Our proven expertise in new media and emerging digital technologies helps media and entertainment businesses achieve faster time-to-market and operational agility along with reimagining business models amid changing consumer behavior.

Kellton Tech incorporates smart automation for multimedia asset management. Our cutting-edge digital asset management solutions improve cross-functional content collaboration by allowing teams to store, search, and distribute digital assets. We enable businesses to apply an enterprise-wide fabric for system integration with workflow-driven processes by leveraging artificial intelligence and automation powered by cloud-first approach.

Digital Asset Management

Our digital rights management solutions enable media and entertainment companies to centralize rights and metadata systems for efficient access to rights information across subsystems. Organizations leverage our DRM solutions to gain insights for predicting content demand, keeping check on content infringement, and preventing revenue leakages. We enable cross-system integrations to help securely store sensitive financial data on the cloud.

Digital Rights Management Solutions

Enterprise content management is a key part of an organization’s information management strategy, as it connects information from across the enterprise with the people and systems. Leveraging our deep expertise in cloud and mobility, we develop ECM solutions for enterprises to help them extend the reach of corporate content into previously impermeable environments such as remote field workers or extended supplier and contractor ecosystems.

Enterprise Content Management

With the abundance of choices available to the consumers, media companies need to develop a complete 360-degree view of their audiences to offer them relevant content and drive differentiated user experiences. Kellton Tech’s media analytics solution provides insights that help in business decision-making to drive outcomes such as higher conversions, customer retention, and bigger returns on marketing investments.

Audience and Media Analytics

Kellton Tech develops comprehensive solutions to help media businesses create, distribute, manage, and sell interactive digital content. Our solutions designed for publishers and enterprises across scale help them transition from print to digital in a seamless manner. We take care of all technical aspects of digital publishing such as monetization and content optimization across devices.

Digital Publishing Solutions

Our OTT software solutions are engineered to deliver any kind of streaming content in the OTT ecosystem, be it long-form content such as movies and TV shows; LIVE sports and travel events, short-form (advertisements and features), or digital originals. Our solutions support disparate business models such as video on demand (VOD), advertising-based VOD, transactional VOD, and subscription-based VOD.

OTT Software Development

We help media and entertainment companies in modernizing their IT infrastructure and migrating to the cloud. Transitioning to the cloud helps drive streamlined acquisition, storage, management, and delivery of the ever growing volume of syndicated and user generated content. We leverage advanced networking technologies and encryption mechanisms to achieve cybersecurity and data privacy.

Cloud Solutions for Media

Our end-to-end solutions for media and entertainment companies help digitalize the content supply chain to provide compelling audience experiences. We implement a robust digital infrastructure to track the customer journey and harness real-time data from different media touchpoints. Our platforms help capture value from diverse data streams such as content metadata, demographics, viewership, advertisement engagement, and social interaction.

Rich Viewer Experience

Our time-tested content delivery frameworks address the constraints of network bandwidth in resource-intensive services to ensure uninterrupted content delivery. We build automated solutions that dynamically detect the user environment to optimize content delivery by reducing the buffering time, minimizing load times, and boosting performance. We implement multifactor authentication techniques for secure content delivery.

Content Delivery Network Solutions

We help media and entertainment companies leverage the evolving content distribution channels, shorter time-to-market, and existing platform modernization to meet the ever increasing consumers’ expectations. We help organizations upgrade to the latest technologies and ensure timely content delivery across multiple distribution channels at lower cost. We build solutions to streamline media planning processes, track consumer behaviors, and generate new revenue streams.

Custom Software for Media and Entertainment

We help media and entertainment companies incorporate their siloed systems into one integrated platform to enable end-to-end data exchange and unravel latest insights for improved decision-making. Tailored for the media and entertainment industry, our integration services help enterprises deliver consistent and rich brand experience by shifting their focus from operational customer management to strategic customer insights.

Integration Services for Media and Entertainment

We have long haul experience in developing original game titles for mobile and video game consoles such as Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation, and Microsoft Xbox. Our dedicated game development teams proficient in Unity and Unreal game engine development along with highly-expert designers and animators provide end-to-end game development support. We have developed games spanning across various genres such as strategy, racing, war, board games, simulators, education, arcade, and more.  

Custom Gaming Development Solutions

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