JAVA/J2EE Technologies

Kellton Tech has carved a niche in the Java Development market with its deep demonstrated acumen and delivery of high-quality applications.  

Java is unique in that it can be used for both stand-alone applications and web applications. A wide range of the applications that we see on the internet owe their creation to Java, such as internet banking, e-commerce, animations, mobile apps and social networking sites such as Facebook.

Java’s omnipresence is self evident.

Advantages of JAVA/J2EE

  • An open source, users need not concern themselves with yearly license fees
  • Independent of platform
  • Security
  • Customizable to a wide-range of specifications
  • Multi-platform support for language and support for web-services
  • Scope for creating highly dynamic web apps

We offer integrated solutions for all your requirements, thereby making it easier to extract the business immediately upon project completion rather than provide makeshift solutions that fail to yield timely business results.

We steer past obstacles to offer you solutions that are scale-able, secure and robust.

We use the latest Java technologies such as J2EE, Struts, Spring and Hibernate and offer high quality java solutions at highly competetive rates. We thoroughly grasp client requirements and deliver the best possible solutions.

Our JAVA/J2EE Development Services include:

  • Custom web development
  • Enterprise application development
  • Web services
  • Ecommerce portal development

Our JAVA/J2EE Development Team

With demand for Java development increasing, the need for highly competent and skilled developers is palpable. Our developers are highly dedicated, have a firm command of architecture, development, support, etc. and are fully equipped with advanced tools and strategies. Their proficiency in related fields like Java Script, XML, HTML, CSS, SOAP, MySql, Oracle, etc. make it easier for them to work on sophisticated and diversified projects.

We are a development service provider, inside as well as outside the United States. Our expert team of Java developers is capable of handling any Java project, from a simple Java application to a complex enterprise application.