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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Cumulocity IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a moment of truth for transformative enterprises. 

In the age of rapid digitization, growth has to be agile, efficient, and future-proof. That’s exactly what IoT helps enterprises achieve. 

By enabling a fleet of internet-enabled devices that communicate data in real-time, enterprises are better positioned to run streaming analytics. They can implement sure-shot strategies for leveraging existing capabilities while defining roadmaps and building adaptive capacity for future needs.

As a result, they initiate strategic decisions faster, scale at pace, save big on change, and amplify business potential. 

But, while all this looks gratifying at first place, digitization with IoT isn’t a cakewalk. It takes a herculean effort to connect and coalesce all physical devices on one unified framework to foster IoT engineering. And, since the Industry 4.0 is already upon us, the difficulty of migrating existing business systems to new, revolutionary models using Big Data and Analytics, Cloud, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Mobile Devices is unprecedented. 

So, is there a way out?

Fortunately, YES! An IoT-based platform, like Cumulocity IoT can set the ball rolling for change. 

Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT: A Quick Brush Up

Software AG defines Cumulocity IoT as: open, independent, and telco-grade secure IoT platform that offers you:

  • Ability to connect millions of devices rapidly via SaaS, PaaS, and on-premises deployment
  • Cloud, enterprise and edge integration, IoT analytics and strategic IoT planning
  • Pre-configured IoT integration solution accelerators for tracking, telematics, and the Industrial IoT

In simpler words, Cumulocity IoT is an end-to-end IoT platform that helps enterprises integrate various devices with IoT landscape while accelerating time to uncover insights and driving analytical growth in the process. This platform helps organizations scale better by expanding core functionalities and writing new applications in conjunction with the Industry 4.0 trends. 

Bernd Gross, Senior Vice President for IoT and Cloud at Software AG, while emphasizing on the need of an IoT platform said, “There is a tsunami of new devices and IoT ‘things’ coming to the fore, because the cost of connecting those devices is so much lower today. But over 50% of IoT projects fail… and one of the major reasons for this is that the projects try to run before they can walk in terms of assessing connectivity factors and the total scope of the technology engineering involved.”

He suggests that any model based on IoT can easily falter if there’s no robust platform to hold its back. 

Why Should You Choose Cumulocity IoT by Software AG?

Cumulocity IoT, as Software AG describes, is a ‘service wrapper,’ a fully configurable, bundled service that leverages IoT-enabled devices, say a fax machine or a piece of hardware, in a way that they communicate insights and deliver new services to the users—all by themselves. These services range from performance reports to equipment working status; basically, anything and everything an IoT sensor can do.

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Below are some of the key benefits of choosing Cumulocity IoT for end-to-end IoT integration. 

#1 Cumulocity IoT Simplifies Device Integration and Management with a Quick Plug-and-Play Approach

IoT integrations are complex and time-consuming. Cumulocity IoT configures data points and sets them to relevant protocols that facilitate device integration and equipment connections in the shortest time possible. Since enterprises get their IoT applications up and running in minutes, the time to avail status reports, historical data analysis, and log monitoring is significantly shortened. 

#2 Cumulocity IoT Enables Real-Time System Visualizations and Vigilance

Cumulocity IoT provides system visualizations and remote device configurations by enabling high-capacity, graphical dashboards. The sensor data is captured and fed into these dashboards, which track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and represents performance status of the devices. As a result, enterprises gain visibility into their operational anatomy and are in greater control to drive timely and substantial improvements in their operations and supply chains. Besides this, Cumulocity provides buttons, text boxes, and drop-down menus to users for remote machine configuration with relevant permissions. 

#3 Cumulocity IoT Offers Real-Time Analytics and Proof of Value for Predictive Maintenance

Achieving data intelligence is intrinsic to IoT frameworks and Cumulocity IoT goes a full-circle in enabling advanced analytical capabilities within enterprises. The platform delivers service-oriented insights for condition monitoring and forestalling impending damages while allowing enterprises to send real-time commands to devices for cloud-based automation. 

#4 Cumulocity IoT Helps in Workflow Management with its Pre-Packaged Device Management Features

Cumulocity IoT turns IoT-enabled devices from a ball of mud into a band of manageable assets by providing a fully-featured set of device management solutions, which help in rapid configurations and expand scalability to a multitude of devices as and when the need arises. These solutions are powered by telco-grade features, including software management, alarm management and configuration and performance management. 

#5 Cumulocity IoT Accelerates Process Innovation through Enterprise-wide Innovation

Cumulocity IoT is arguably the fastest approach to connect the real world devices with diverse business applications and get IoT integrations running in top order. Along with opening various structured and unstructured data streams, Cumulocity provides an ‘analytics engine’ for transforming, mining, and processing of data—a factor that helps enterprises track and trace system performance and execute strategies to accelerate business potential while planning in foresight and reducing the cost of change. 

Stepping up IoT Innovation

We are undeterred in our approach to cutting-edge enterprise connectivity based on Cumulocity IoT. Our team has deep-niche expertise in implementing the Cumulocity IoT platform to support device applications that facilitate IT governance, operational visibility, real-time monitoring, and pre-emptive detection of damages. 

Kellton Tech has developed versatile test beds for an array of industry verticals. This has given businesses access to a massive wealth of new, inventive technologies that provided new grounds for growth. Our simplification approach has helped enterprises in embedding IoT, exploiting capabilities to cut through the data clutter, and improving decision-making while scaling up rapidly.