Being Digital: Step Ahead And Become Global

Apr 04, 2016 posted by Abhishek Vinod Singh under Digital Marketing


Are you reaping the benefits of digital transformation? The ever-changing technological advancements offer countless opportunities to achieve success in future. 

Enterprises must look for opportunities to transform, especially when it offers great rewards and when lack of change might prove harmful. But we must first define the term ‘transformation’. It refers to an overall change of basic components of an enterprise right from the operational processes up to the infrastructure. Transformation affects every aspect of business – purchasing, human resource, finance, technology, operations, sales and marketing. 

Digital Experience

Maturing enterprises are already integrating digital solutions like SMAC, IoT, etc to change their business processes. Less-mature businesses are resolving discrete problems by integrating individual technologies. 

Reimagining digitally requires business leaders to devise a clear strategy to develop culture enabling change and constant innovation. The distinct factor separating digital transformation from past technology evolutions is that risk becomes a part of business culture as and when digitally advanced enterprises seek a greater level of competitive advantage. Regardless of age, employees look forward to work for enterprises that seek digital progress.

Key Drivers:

  1. Attract Your Customer’s Attention: The modern economy revolves around customer attention. Getting customers is not enough. A successful enterprise must be able to engage their customers and convert prospective buyers. Although, customer attention is necessary, it does not undermine the importance of a monetary transaction. Hence, enterprises must provide relevant information to customers and prospects to offer a great customer experience.
  2. Customer Experience Enhances Brand Value: Abundant options, anonymity, and information mobility have increased the importance of customer experiences. A customer is:
    • Evangelist – Promotes brand through word-of-mouth marketing;
    • Salesperson – Builds referral networks for brands;
    • Marketing agent – Through reviews and product/service ratings;
    • Customer assistance – On forums and public consumer groups.

    A poor experience drives away customers while great experiences increase loyalty. Customer experiences cannot be commodified; they are either easy/difficult, great/poor, and valuable/worthless. A tweet, blog article or post on social media platforms highlights company culture; hence enterprises must focus on delivering a positive customer experience always. 

  3. Focus More on Interactive Marketing: Offline marketing methods like billboards, brochures etc are being replaced with customer interactions to monitor satisfaction level of customers. Product awareness without consistent interaction diminishes recall value. 
  4. Use of Technology: With several options available, enterprises must focus on adopting ever-changing technological advancements to maintain competitive edge. Explore for options beyond traditional systems. Understand customer needs and deliver a valuable proposition. Trend analysis, predictive analytics, channel metrics etc are some tools which can help. 

Transforming Customer Experience in the New Digital World

Digital maturity requires business leaders to enhance their skills of analysing the impact digital technology. They need to incorporate agile technology in their business operations quickly. 

Customers are quick to avail benefits of web, social, mobile, cloud etc. thereby challenging the enterprise’s ability to enhance their communication levels. Enterprises must tap the potential of the preferred medium and deliver great customer experiences.  Implementing digital solutions helps in modernisation, improved customer support and consistent delivery of customer satisfaction. 

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