Best Social Media Marketing Tips For Start-ups

Mar 31, 2016 posted by Abhishek Vinod Singh under Digital Marketing


Are you an active user of Facebook and Twitter? Then you are already aware of the nuances of how social media works. However, you can harness its immense power by exercising several other options available on social media. You require an effective, creative and well-balanced social media marketing strategy to achieve success.

Several enterprises have incorporated social media in their advertising and outreach campaigns to yield amazing benefits. If used creatively, social media has a lot to offer.

Here is how your start-up can reap maximum benefits of social media marketing.

Select appropriate network

Users are spoilt for choice over social networking options. However, developing an effective social media presence is time-consuming. If you are a part of several networks, you will face challenges to attract followers on each one of them. But the main problem is to identify the most popular network as it keeps changing rapidly. Hence, you must monitor the progress of these networks regularly and arrive at a decision.

Video Marketing

Videos embedded to your Facebook profile will attract more followers. Landing pages will allow users to view the broadcast before they click on ‘Like’. Consistent uploading of videos on Facebook page and videos of live shows can be streamed to your blog and Twitter as well.

Backlinks to videos on Fan pages tells users about where the video originated, which helps in making videos viral. Or, you can invite selected people to watch your video to add a personal touch and avoid spam

Vertical Marketing

Blog is an excellent medium to attract site visitors especially when people are offered informative posts. These posts help offers prospective buyers with a probable solution thereby resulting in higher conversion rates and brand loyalty.

You can go further in this type of marketing by writing a vertical blog, i.e. a blog which talks about your niche product or service in the particular industry.

Social Forums

Most entrepreneurs do not focus on engaging with potential buyers. You must get involved in forum discussions, learn about customer needs, and talk about your expertise. Active participation in such discussions helps in interacting with other industry players and gives an opportunity to become an expert.

Receive regular updates with Google Alerts whenever your website is mentioned on the Internet. Twitter search helps find relevant topics to discuss and follow. Backtweets helps in identifying users who have shared your links.

Re-evaluate social media strategy

Keep pace with the ever-changing social media trends. Constant evolution of social media marketing strategy is the key to success. Examine your performance over social media regularly. Change your strategy accordingly to gain a competitive advantage.

Achieve Start-up Success With Social Media Marketing

The road to success for a start-up organization is to attract key investors. Exhibit your potential and unique value proposition over social media. A good presence over social media helps in gaining visibility among key industry professionals. Hence, you will win more customers thereby resulting in an excellent ROI.

Active participation over social media is not just a successful marketing strategy; it is critical to the company’s overall success and growth. 

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