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The Conduit for Success of Kellton Tech’s Terrific Trio… Sales, Marketing & Demand Gen

In my six years at Kellton Tech, I have worn a number of hats. I started on the inside sales team, doing cold-calling and executing email campaigns for the SAP business unit. As new challenges/opportunities were identified, I was asked to work closely with the management team and my teammates to resolve them, gaining new skills along the way. Each of those growth opportunities led me one step closer to my current position as, North America Field Marketing Manager. 

This position affords me the unique privilege of working with all the North America business units, as well as our FANTASTIC Marketing team, and our dedicated Demand generation team members. It involves a myriad of responsibilities because I facilitate clear communication and ensure the successful and timely delivery of marketing components to all the teams. I can best describe my position as being a conduit for success. 

My primary responsibility is to manage the Marketing Campaign Calendar by working with the North America business units, the Marketing team, and the Demand Gen teams to ensure clear communication and timely delivery of the components needed by all three departments to successfully launch our marketing campaigns with ease and excellence. 

Secondly, I serve as North America Event Planner, working with our teams from the earliest and tiniest detail on our event checklist to event promotion and post-event follow-up. This enables the most positive representation of our Kellton Tech capabilities to ensure maximum return on investment.

Additionally, I work with the North America business units and the Content team to generate blogs, white papers, case studies, etc. Together we develop, draft, edit, revise, and publish content across multiple mediums, including social media, printed publications, and our Kellton Tech website.

I love working with people across multiple teams to create, refine, and promote our Kellton Tech message of high-quality consulting, innovation, and integrity, with a strong customer focus to help our clients transform the way they do business.