Drupal Meetup 2017 Highlights

May 30, 2017 posted by Kellton Tech Media Team under Drupal

Kellton Tech proudly played host to the Drupal Meet 2017 Gurgaon edition, in line with Kellton’s success at the Drupal Meet 2016. This year’s meetup saw participation from students, developers, and Drupal stalwarts.Drupal Meet up

The event was divided into two sections, the first being the presentation section wherein the famed Akamai Content Control Utility module was discussed and how its implementation is suited for high traffic websites.

The second presentation was on Unit Testing PHP with Drupal where in automation unit testing and its impact on developer efficiency was looked at.

In the second half, the attendees dived into what is known as “Sprint Sessions”, here groups were made to talk and brainstorm over Drupal Modules (Google Image Site Map, I18n Logo and Json Autocomplete) and how they could develop and implement these modules.

The session ended with all the participants walking away with practical and usable Drupal content and a promise to not only have one Kellton Tech Drupal Meet yearly but hopefully two in the coming future.

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