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Enhance Your Drupal Experience with Expandable Content Module

Content development and management become easier with advanced features of Drupal CMS. The recent contribution to the Drupal community—Expandable Content module—introduces a new plugin for CKEditor. 

Using expandable content module, users can add expandable content having multiple sections—headings followed by the content. The default content view can be collapsed and expanded as per the convenience and need of the developer. 

Why We Need This?

Earlier, when a developer use to add multiple sections having different headings to the Drupal pages followed by the page content, the sections of each heading did not collapse by default due to the lack of the CKEditor plugins. There was no functionality of collapsing sections (other than the active window). This functionality was only activated by implementing custom CSS and JavaScript code, which was time-consuming.

With the help of this module, users can now see a single screen view as well as collapse other content with the newly developed expandable content plugin. Once the plugin is installed and configured, developers can add multiple expandable sections with a single click from the toolbar options available in the CKEditor.

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How is it Useful?

This module delivers enhanced user experience and enables the developers to manage which content will be visible in a single instance. It is compatible with CKEditor and WYSIWYG (with CKEditor) modules.

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