Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility is in the Ascendant: Future Trends & Benefits

Transcending the boundaries of conventional business models, with respect to employees and their functioning, the optimistic digital age has put an intelligent business solution on display. 

Any guesses! What could this new, intelligent business solution be? 

It is “Enterprise Mobility.”  

Backed by various innumerable devices, business applications, and technologies such as the cloud, Enterprise Mobility empowers employees and makes them more connected and content. It is fast-tracking the business’ endeavor to change the way employees’ work and bring tasks, processes, and functions at fingertips. Perhaps this is why the global Enterprise Mobility market value is expected to reach $1225.78 billion by 2026.

Enterprise Mobility

Strengthening the Approach to Digital Transformation  

The world is digitally transforming and adding trillions of dollars in GDP across the globe. In a quest to leverage this evolution, enterprises are keen on building digital assets, improving their usage, and effectively using them for their workforce. While the adoption of technologies varies depending on size, complexity, knowledge, as well as, competition, the parameters defining the success of enterprises remains the same—operational efficiency, better collaboration between employees, business operations on the move, location-specific or contextual information alerts/notifications, customer engagement, and workforce productivity. 

Enterprise Mobility solutions help build a connected ecosystem, which allows internal stakeholders to perform diverse business functions anywhere, anytime. It gives instant access to enterprise system/applications using smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Employees can not only update information but can also have instant access to all sorts of data in real-time and with utmost security. 

Today businesses need devise agnostic accessibility and simplified workflows as part of their enterprise mobility solutions in order to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity. Therefore, while taking steps towards Enterprise Mobility, businesses must strengthen their digital transformation initiatives, which ultimately will help them achieve the success parameters. 

What’s Fueling the Demand for Enterprise Mobility Solutions?

Unlike a few years back, the landscape for enterprise mobile applications has become expansive. Mobile-first strategies are helping businesses gain competitive advantages, besides triggering growth and productivity. However, following are some more important reasons as to why organizations are focusing more on deploying enterprise mobility solutions.

  • Increasing Customer Demand for Mobility: Reports suggest that approximately 5 billion of the world’s total population is active mobile users and half of that population possesses smartphones. This huge user base force businesses to adopt radical re-rethinking and take their step towards Enterprise Mobility that offers viable solutions to transform the way businesses are conducted. From real-time data capture to analysis, enterprise mobility solutions help employees make better decisions for future growth.
  • Need for Automation: At a time, when businesses worldwide are dabbled in building mobile-first strategies to gain competitive advantages, Enterprise Mobility platforms are gaining traction. These platforms can enable you to ensure business process automation that helps boost productivity and connect with tech-savvy customers. 
  •  Intelligent Existing Systems/Applications: Enterprise Mobility solutions ensure secure and constant growth in the digital- and technology-driven world. While businesses keep on mulling over building strategies to create and deliver omnichannel customer experiences, develop intuitive user interfaces (UI) and user-experiences (UX), they must also explore Enterprise Mobility capabilities to make their existing systems/applications intelligent. Intelligent enterprise mobility platforms help businesses perform and monitor wads of activities easily. Right from management, marketing, brand positioning, tracking, analysis to delivery and customer engagement, Enterprise Mobility solutions deliver enormous capabilities that enable organizations to grow holistically. 
  •  Pervasive BYOD Trend: The perpetual increase in the adoption of technologies as well as mobile and wearable devices forced the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend to gain momentum. According to a report by Pew Research, approximately 95% of the employees bring one or more personal device to work. The BYOD trend marks a remarkable paradigm shift in the way employees perform diverse business functions. They are gradually getting into the practice of completing tasks using their personal mobile devices. Hence, it is imperative for enterprises to adapt to the new work environment and Enterprise mobility solutions can be a great facilitator. Along with enterprise mobility solutions, businesses must also take care of security issues. For the same, they need to build a mobility strategy that will help the employees use devices safely and securely.

Enterprise Mobility Goes Beyond Mobilizing the Manpower  

Enterprise Mobility should not be mistaken with the mobility of the manpower only. It involves the mobility of other resources such as information, data, infrastructure, and more as well. 

Mobility enables organizations to realize digital transformation dreams and empower employees with intelligent business applications that can secure high-adoption rate. According to a poll conducted by Adobe, 61% of respondents feel that not having enterprise mobility solutions is a disadvantage. Therefore, most of the organizations are seeking Enterprise mobility solutions to gain access to the global market and hence, prise open the world of opportunities and drive both growth and profitability.