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How to Restrict Database Queries with JSON Auto Complete?

Drupal Auto Complete module reduces performance of your Drupal site due to huge volumes of diverse data.  If taxonomy has thousands of records, the Ajax request will respond slowly because it involves several queries to the database, leading to inferior user experience.

I have developed JSON Auto Complete module that provides enhanced auto complete widget which is better in performance as compared to default auto complete widget. The module restricts database queries as searches based on Ajax requests are redirected to JSON data objects. A JSON file is created and the search is performed in the file, giving quicker results as compared to the default Drupal Auto Complete module.  

The JSON Auto Complete Module is currently functional for the field type ‘taxonomy term reference’ and soon will be available for the field ‘entity reference.’

Drupal Auto Complete module

Wondering How it will Help?

The new Drupal module:

  • Provides high performance sites even with multiple data sets
  • Provides quicker search results
  • Allows users to switch to another widget, when not in use
  • Gives users option to create a separate JSON file to maintain every field and update the taxonomy—Drupal Cron, and use Drush commands
  • Allows users to view all fields included in the widget along with its JSON file status through browsing admin settings
  • Allows users to rebuild JSON files with a single-click

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