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How Workato Helps Generate Real-Time Salesforce Triggers via Email or SMS?

Today modern businesses use numerous on-premise and cloud-based applications. Additionally, organizations need apps for social media management, calendaring, and chat as a key part of daily activities and address enterprise needs for aggregating and handling data spread across these applications. 

The modern business needs to mandate deploying an enterprise cloud automation and integration platform to harness the full power of data residing in disparate applications. Workato is a comprehensive enterprise automation platform that offers much more than a conventional iPaaS platform by elevating the automation experience to deliver strategic business value. 

Currently adopted by more than 7,000 organizations, Workato allows integrating over 400+ business applications, including CRM like Salesforce, RPA, and accounting applications. Workato acts as a server-less platform enabling businesses to scale automation without any limitations. The platform is an ideal fit for almost every business use case for integration automation, such as API management, AI/ML, workflows, and bots. 

Workato Platform Integration for Salesforce Triggers

A striking example of enterprise automation is how Workato offers real-time capabilities for Salesforce triggers. Whenever the sales team updates an existing opportunity or creates a new Salesforce opportunity, an email or SMS notification is sent to the business on their registered email ID or mobile number. The trigger action involves retrieving data from all the data fields in Salesforce for sending the email or SMS notification. 

Salesforce workflow rules govern these real-time triggers. Driven by workflow rules, Salesforce monitors changes and notifies Workato via an outbound message if there is any change in the opportunity status. A Workato recipe receives and processes outbound messages as trigger events. Workflow rules have to be set up in Salesforce to enable real-time triggers. Customization options include setting up conditions and opportunity value, which in our case is greater than $50,000 for sending an email or SMS notification to the registered email ID or phone number.

Workato Salesforce Integration


To run the recipe for enabling Salesforce triggers, you need registered Workato, Twilio and Salesforce accounts along with the SMTP/POP set up on the email server you are going to use. You are good to go once you have set up the connectors with your credentials. 

About Twilio

Twilio is an industry-leading American cloud communication platform that enables programmatically sending and receiving phone calls and text messages through its web service APIs. The platform provides a simple entry point into the telecom ecosystem and helps businesses avoid conventional complexities. The developers can get access to instant worldwide connectivity by interacting with Twilio using standard internet protocols. 

About Salesforce Sales Cloud

Designed to address the business needs for sales, marketing, and customer support of organizations operating in both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) domains, Salesforce Sales Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform trusted by 100K+ companies. The Salesforce ecosystem offers the App Exchange feature that supports all kinds of business apps. Salesforce is easy to manage and suitable for businesses of all sizes, including those with limited IT capabilities. The Salesforce ecosystem is highly flexible, allowing the users to set page layouts, define workflows and processes.

Step-by-Step Process for Practical Implementation

  1. Opportunity Creation in Salesforce

     Log in to the Salesforce account with your credentials
    •    Create an opportunity by filling in the required details such as opportunity name, account name, close date, stage, amount, etc. 
  2. Setting up Twilio Account

    •    Register for a free trial account on Twilio
    •    You should be able to view details such as trial balance, trial number, account SID 
    •    Use account SID and authentication token to create the Twilio connector in Workato
    •    Verify your phone number to send  the message from the free trial Twilio account
  3. Workflow Implementation in Workato

    •    Create the connectors for Salesforce, Twilio, and Gmail by filling in the required details and confirm the status
    •    Whenever a new or updated opportunity is created in Salesforce, the data from various fields are sent by trigger action
    •    Start the recipe
    •    A successful alert can be viewed in the Salesforce platform


    Workato iPaaS platform offers an easy route for integrating applications, including on-premise and cloud apps, and collaborate. A feature-rich iPaaS platform, Workato helps automate workflows and improve operational efficiency at an unimaginable scale. Access Recipe on Workato Community: