Jitterbit Citizen Integrator

Jitterbit Citizen Integrator – Meaning, Significance, and Enterprise Benefits


Kellton Tech, an experienced Jitterbit integration partner and industry leader in providing Jitterbit integration services, has helped their clients across the globe to achieve cutting-edge integrated hybrid IT landscapes.

Built on Jitterbit iPaaS integration platform, Citizen Integrator was introduced by Jitterbit to meet modern digital businesses’ current connectivity demands. There are no additional new products to install or configure to work with Jitterbit Citizen Integrator. 

Designed to allow anyone to integrate and run web applications, it quickly enables non-technical users to customize and deploy integrations with pre-built recipes. Jitterbit’s Citizen Integrator includes more than 500 pre-built recipes created by Jitterbit, such as endpoints. 

You can hire a Jitterbit consulting company to monitor and manage all the integrations with a unified integration platform to ensure your business’s quality and consistency. 

  • Why Jitterbit Citizen Integrator?

2.1 A Single Platform That Offers Limitless Opportunities

Centralized Self-Service Integration

•    Non-technical users can connect services and applications in an inbuilt manner with efficient use of valuable resources with self-service integration. 
•    Self-service integration enables citizen integrators to build and deploy their integrations in a few clicks using pre-built templates.
•    Building and maintaining integrations reduce the burden on IT.

Standardized Integration That Is Repeatable

•    The approach helps accelerate deployment utilizing a phased approach when executing the deployment using existing integration assets. 
•    Integration can be performed with significant client participation, which speeds the deployment process while verifying the transfer of a resulting solution to the client’s IT team.

Seamless Integration between Endpoints

•    Citizen Integrator includes an ever-expanding repository of recipes.
•    It connects a wide range of applications using best practices design patterns and standard fields. 
•    The standard integrations can be built and run in minutes.  

2.2 Bring Harmony into a Digital Business with Citizen Integrator  

•    All versions of Jitterbit Harmony include Citizen Integrator.
•     In Jitterbit’s extensive library, we can find pre-built recipes as well as our own recipes with the same user experience.
•     Deployed recipes can be viewed and managed within Jitterbit Harmony’s Management Console. 
•     Recipes run on Jitterbit Harmony agents assure you of corporate-class performance, deployment options, and security.
•     It is easy to access and modify the deployed recipes directly in the Design Studio.
•     In Citizen Integrator, Jitterbit workflow can be deployed as a recipe and made available
•     Recipes can be as straightforward or as complex as you need with the flexibility of Jitterbit Harmony.
•     Recipes can be as simple as a point-to-point mapping or a business workflow involving multiple endpoints. 

  • List of Options Available in Citizen Integrator Harmony

3.1. Dashboard

•    My Recipes tab provides a single place to upload, generate, edit, deploy, update, copy, or delete recipes that belong to your organization.
•    Recipe Status tab displays the Recipes deployed successfully or unsuccessfully represented by color and symbol.
•    Search My Deployed Recipes tab lets you search the deployed recipes by name or filter.
•    Search Recipes section provides an interface to search for and browse through recipes provided by Jitterbit.

3.2. Configure Recipe

•    Each configurable section will be specific to the selected Recipe. Follow the instructions within each step. 
•    Set Up Environment step is used to deploy all the recipes. If we have one environment, that environment gets selected by default.
•    In Jitterbit, configuring project variables enables you to use the values entered by you within the recipe template.
•    Once you configure the Recipe with endpoint-specific information in the Run Now step, you can immediately run your operation. 
•    The Review step typically provides any additional information built into the Recipe.

3.3. Generate or Edit Recipe

•    Within Citizen Integrator under My Recipes, generating a recipe is available only for users with Admin permissions.
•    You can upload a Design Studio project to create a recipe with admin permissions and then configure the Generate Recipe page’s steps. 
•    For existing recipes, the Edit Recipe page makes those steps available for editing.

3.4. Manage Deployed Recipes

•    Within Citizen Integrator, the Manage Deployed Recipes page provides a list of deployed recipes and its statuses, allows you to view operation logs for deployed recipes.

3.5.Citizen Integrator Jitterpaks

•    Jitterpaks contain project metadata, which will be used as a reference to design another project.
•    You can import Jitterpaks through Design Studio. While importing projects using Jitterpaks, the Design Studio will prompt you to update endpoints’ credentials such as databases, usernames, and passwords.  

3.6.Creating New Recipes

•    A Jitterbit has pre-built and customized recipes, which can be a reusable integration template.
•    Build them directly by creating a customized Jitterpak with recipe metadata. 

3.7. Jitterbit Command Line Interface to Managing Recipes 

•    The Jitterbit Command Line Interface is a command-line tool used to interact with Jitterbit recipes.
•    Log in to jitterbit through Command Line Interface to manage recipes’ repository by validating, uploading, downloading, generating, and deleting recipe metadata.

  • Key Benefits

•    Attract more business with rapid integration development and out-of-the-box recipes for connecting endpoints such as Shopify, Magento, Salesforce, Netsuite, and ZenDesk.
•    The self-service capabilities of Citizen Integrator can significantly reduce the burden of building integrations and the ability to customize within a robust, secure iPaaS platform.
•    Jitterbit Citizen Integrator gives you the best of both worlds by combining the iPaaS integration platform’s power with a self-service model