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New Drupal Module: Date Specific Permissions

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This module allows the site admin to grant and revoke permissions for a specific date.

The site admin must select which permissions must be provided / revoked to which role for a specific date interval.

This module enables site admins to select which permission to be granted on a specific date for a specific user role. This module is dependent on drupal cron run to update the permissions. Site admin can update the permissions manually as well.

When cron runs automatically or is manually updated by site admin, all the permissions scheduled on a particular day for an update, will be updated for the specified roles.

Usage example:

If a user needs the site admin to grant permission for a specific role for say date X for an activity on date Y. So site admin can grant permission from date X and instead revoke the granted permission on date Y for that specific role.

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  1. Adds flexibility for the user groups.
  2. Smoother content management system.
  3. Reduces user dependency on site admin/developer during the development phase/production stage of a website.
  4. Pre-scheduling of website development activities.
  5. Permission to user roles are added by the site admin at any time.
  6. With the help of this module, a site admin can schedule permissions well in advance.

Earlier, when you wanted to make a new feature live on your website, the site admin/developer needed to login to your website in order to give permissions.

However, with the addition of Date Specific Permissions Module in Drupal, the site admin/developer can schedule such permissions well in advance so that the user group can make the website live instantly.

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