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New Drupal Module: Dropcap CKEditor Plugin

A drop cap is a decorative element, typically used in documents at the beginning of a section/chapter. It's a large capital letter at the beginning or a paragraph or a text block having two or more lines of normal text. Drop caps are easy to apply in Word.


In case you do not have this plugin, you will have to write the HTML code in the CK Editor and design content using CSS, thus creating static content for all paragraphs.  

Solution dropcap3_1This module extends the capabilities of CKEditor plugin. Now, this plugin is able to insert dropcaps and improves content authoring experience with the help of new widget interface of CK Editor.

With the help of this dynamic plugin, a Drupal user can drag and drop content in the CKEditor and create a large capital letter at the beginning or in between paragraphs or in the text body.


This module is beneficial for all levels of Drupal users. It minimizes the efforts required in coding content. Secondly, this plugin provides simple, user-friendly, and dynamic UI where a user can paste content in different font, color, or size in each paragraph.

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