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New Drupal Module: Field Image Label

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New drupal module contributed by Kellton Tech

Kellton Tech, an active contributor to Drupal community, has recently contributed a new module 'Field Image Label'


Often, it is required to have a field label as Image Forms, which you have to overwrite many times with the help of programming. This activity consumes time and is a difficult process to manage.


Field Image Label screenshotField Image Label module allows you to use image as a label. It simply displays 'image upload' button in every node form or field collection form. The image uploaded through this field will replace label with image.
You have to edit the specific field and then select the image if you want to replace text label with image otherwise leave *Display image* field empty to use default text label.


This module enables an image upload field on every node and Field collection so that you can replace text label with your desired image. With this module, updating content is easier and quicker. 


Steps to follow:

  1. Go to Administration/Structure/Contenttypes/Your Content Type/Manage fields.
  2. Edit any field.
  3. Choose image in "Display Image" with displaying label.

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