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New Drupal Module: Files Version

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New Drupal Module Files Version


Till now in Drupal, you could revise the Entity but there is no module which will create revisions of code (Files) too.

This module extends Drupal to create versions of Drupal codebase without any version controller.

SolutionDrupal module screenshot

The files version module provides the functionality to maintain the version of current Drupal instance. It iterates recursively and saves Drupal files into a database and creates a new version on current timestamp.


1) This module is useful for non-technical users, if he/she wants to track the files version.

2) You can recover the backup easily, right from scratch.

3) You can setup your site from live server to local or local to live server in just few minutes.

4) Before deploying code to live server you can download code backup from this module without ftp access that will help you to recover from any thing goes wrong in your code while deployment.

5) You can track each file without any version controller.

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