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New Drupal Module: Google Standout Tag

Kellton Tech contributed a new module namely ‘Google Standout Tag’, which will be useful for the media and publishing industry websites that are built on Drupal.

Previously, Drupal did not provide any configuration related to standout. So, if a site user wanted to add tag in the specific site pages they would have to write code.
Screenshot of new drupal moduleSolution

This module provides configuration for site user to add tag in pages, Using the tag could result in Google placing a “Featured” marker label on the piece in News search results and on the Google News homepage. The tag will also factor into the Google News algorithm and help determine placement.

If your news organisation breaks a big story, or publishes an extraordinary work of journalism, you can indicate it by using the standout tag. When determining whether to use this tag for your own article, consider whether your article meets the following criteria:

  • Your article is an original source for the story.
  • Your organization invested significant resources in reporting or producing the article.
  • The article deserves special recognition.
  • You haven't used standout on your own articles more than seven times in the past calendar week.


  1.  Help in search engine optimization.
  2.  Show page with featured tag in Google News homepage.

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