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New Drupal Module: Jio Commerce Money

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Challenges : Jio has launched an online wallet "Jio money". My latest Drupal project required integration of Jio  payment gateway with my website. Throughout my research, I did not find any module for this particular payment gateway on Other payment gateways such as ICICI, CC Avenue etc.had Drupal modules, but there was no module for Jio payment gateway.

Solution : I contributed this module that enables Jio payment for all projects developed on Drupal 7. It is integrated with the Drupal Commerce module. We can also configure a secret key and account Id for any Drupal site using this module.  
Benefits : After configuring this module, users will be able to access the payment option of 'Jio Money'  on any eCommerce site built on Drupal.

Kellton Tech contributes a new module ‘Commerce Jio Money’ integrating Jio payment gateway with Drupal sites. Drupal Commerce became convenient for Jio Wallet users.

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