New Drupal Module: Noscript Tag

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New drupal module contributed by Kellton TechChallenge
Previously, there was no option to show a noscript tag in a Drupal site, unless the site admin employed another person to edit the theme template and add it programatically. This module helps all sites to add a noscript tag without any need of additional coding. Just enable it and then admins can configure the noscript content and the visibility of the noscript tag accordingly. 

This module displays a noscript tag when JavaScript is disabled in user's browser. Site admin can configure what content has to be displayed in the noscript tag. In some browsers, the script tag is disabled or JavaScript is disabled, which results in bad user experience. In those cases, this module comes in handy by displaying a message on top of the site.

Site admins can configure what content has to be displayed in the noscript tag. Admins can add plain text or markup in the noscript tag using this module. Admins can also configure which users can view this noscript tag with the help of permissions to view the noscript tag.


All site admins can be benefited from this module. When JavaScript is disabled or script tag is disabled, previously there was no option to show any kind of message to the user.  By installing this module, site admins can add a message in the admin section and they can display the message by configuring user permissions.

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