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New Drupal Module: Schemadata

Download the schemadata module 


When apps are running on multiple servers, developers do not have access to the database. Visiting the database during development process may be tedious as all the tables will not appear in a single view. Hence, you need to search the required table with its title and conduct a search operation to view its details. 

New Drupal Module: schemadata

When we are working on local system then we can check database easily. Sometimes, it is needed to view the database frequently. If we are developing application using multiple servers, then it is very difficult to login repeatedly and check whether the database entry is completed or not. This module provides you a single page view to check all the mysql tables and related data.

The link below will be useful for you to display all the tables in a single view.



* Install as you would normally install a contributed Drupal module. 

* You may want to disable Toolbar module, since its output coincides with Administration Menu.


This module does not have any modifiable settings. There is no configuration required When enabled, the link will appear on the administrator configuration page.

       schema_Kelltontech.png     schemadata_Kelltontech_2.png



  • Saves time
  • Increases productivity

You can easily download this module and configure it to your Drupal backend. Things have been kept very simple and easy to use.

Download the schemadata module 

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