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New Drupal Module: Signout Sessions

Download Signout Sessions Module

Drupal allows users to sign in from multiple devices and via multiple browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and mobile web browsers.

However, a user may forget to sign out from multiple devices and would like to access the site only from a single session. The new module in Drupal ‘signout sessions’ helps users work only on a single active session. 

Signout Sessions Module
This module allows site users to sign out from all other sessions if the sessions exist. (session for current logged in user remains)

Usage example
Suppose you have logged into your account from different browsers or devices such as desktop, mobile browser etc. simultaneously. This module helps you to log out from every other session and work only on a single sessions.

Manage or customize the URL on profile page by setting up link weight on "Account Settings Manage Display Page".

You need to follow the normal process of installing this contributed Drupal module.

This module allows site admin to provide a custom class for designing purposes.


The site admin or user having admin permissions can manage settings for specific logout sessions. This is how it is done.

Step 1: Enable the module.
Step 2: Go to module configuration page "/admin/config/people/signout-sessions".
Step 3: Choose your preferred role(s) / Set link text / Enable or Disable log / provide wrapper class.
Step 4: Save configuration.
Step 5: Go to manage display page for user profile "/admin/config/people/accounts/display".
Step 6: Set weight for the field "Signout Link".
Step 7: Save.

In this way, site admins can track how many users have used the URL to log out from Drupal sessions. 


This link can be placed on the site using the drag and drop feature.

So, with the new Drupal module, you need not worry when you log into your website from multiple devices or different browsers. Download Signout Sessions module now

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