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New Drupal Module: Two Steps Login

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New drupal module contributed by Kellton Tech
I teamed up with Viswanath Polaki and Deepesh Sharma recently to contribute a new module to the Drupal community, called 'Two Steps Login'.  

Previously there were no options to stop automated scripts to login into system by brute force method. They use specific set of usernames and passwords and gain access to the system. Drupal login also using the old technique for giving access to users.

This module converts plain old boring login system into a new layout where users can quickly login and the site can become more secure. The old login system is changed into a two-step login system. In the first step, users can view previous login details and they can click and login quickly. In the second step, users will be prompted for password.

Two steps login module enables users to login to their account quickly, This also blocks automated bots by filling username and passwords programmatically. It also helps users to manage different credentials to login the site. If there are multiple users using the same browser then can login to the site very quickly. This module is inspired by Google login system and gives us the same feel while logging into Drupal.

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