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The New Module in the Community - Bulk Comment Delete

Bulk Comment Delete

In its futuristic approach, Kellton Tech adds another feather in the cap of the Drupal development community. Yes! We are talking about the newly contributed module – Bulk Comment Delete. In the pursuit of making Drupal as flexible as possible, this module is an innovative approach to cater needs of one and all. Drupal is one awesome platform and developers at Kellton Tech believe in leveraging it in the way that is moving forward in the future. 

In this row of advancements, Bulk Comment Delete is my new contribution to the technology arena. This article is a basic draft of my thoughts, which I think will headway with valuable feedbacks from people within and outside the Drupal community. 

Let’s discuss a bit about what exactly is Bulk Comment Delete

Bulk Comment Delete – The New Member in the Community

Drupal is a very powerful platform which encompasses various amazing features and functionalities.  One such feature is “Comment”. Comment allows users or your site visitors to leave comments on particular content type. This is one basic feature through which you can get to know what your users think about you. All is good till comments are from genuine sources. Things start falling off road when people start spamming comments or there are lots of them getting added from unreliable sources. Now all you want is deleting such comments. But it becomes a nightmare when you get to know that you have to do it one by one. A big problem!!

Introducing Bulk Comment Delete! 

This module allows deleting all comments and replies according to content type selection. Content Type is a pre-defined collection of data types. In short, they are how site editors enter original content on Drupal site. 

Installation – A Quick Walk Through

  • Place the entire comment_delete directory into your Drupal sites/all/modules/directory.
  • Enable the comment_delete module by navigating to: administer > modules
  • After enable module you will find new menu (Comment Delete) on content listing page: administer / content

Bulk Comment Delete is an idea to covet with the problem of packaged deletion of comments. It will help people to get over the problem where they had to delete list of comments one by one. This module is exceptionally simple to install, configure and use. It doesn’t require any big technical manoeuvres. 

Though this module is extremely handy and free of glitches, still it comes with a bantam warning.

Bulk Comment Delete is a very powerful tool that operates directly on your database tables, and as such is very precarious. It’s highly recommended that you backup your database before using it. 

Time to get Rid of Unwanted Comments (In a Bulk)

You can easily download this module and configure it to your Drupal backend. Things have been kept very simple and easy to use. Inputs are always welcomed!

Downloading is on spurt. Get your hands on too. 

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