People on Facebook Adding Business Value For The Best Results, Really?

Jun 14, 2016 posted by Ravinder Pal under Digital Marketing, Digital Transformation, Others, SMAC

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Facebook, a social media platform popularly called FB, has changed the way we communicate. There are varied layers of communication that can be adopted by an FB user.

Why Do People Use Facebook?

People mostly use Facebook to get rid of boredom; however sometimes they may use the social platform to express a political/social viewpoint. The pie chart below will give you a clear about how popular Facebook has become with the younger generation in the modern era.

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Facebook has emerged as a popular social networking tool including several advantages for the youth and the adults. In addition, even business leaders are considering Facebook to be a strong marketing tool for them.

A pertinent question is should your business feature on Facebook? Should you do more with your Facebook business page? Both the questions are answered with a big YES.

Facebook has emerged as a popular social media channel nowadays because of its numerous advantages. Not only does it give an opportunity to people for connecting with family and friends, it has become a handy tool for advertising and promoting businesses. A known fact for every entrepreneur is that your marketing strategy has a huge impact on your business growth and success. Business leaders must look for innovative solutions to promote their product/service if they wish to attract more customers. Facebook is extremely useful in serving this purpose. While having an FB business page is similar to owning a website, few basic and significant benefits are provided only by Facebook.

Mentioned below are few of these advantages of using Facebook to increase profit and business growth, which you should not miss at all.

  • Low cost of marketing strategy: You can avail of free signup on Facebook and launch your small business. It is a useful method for businesses that can afford website development fees. Marketing is a crucial factor of business growth and success. To promote your products/services at the right avenue, Facebook offers great assistance. Not only a free service, but Facebook provides access to millions of people who can become your potential customers.   
  • You can use Facebook features to share valuable information related to your business. You can easily create a business page on it and enter useful information about your business on the page. Information related to company history, product details, business purpose etc should be mentioned on the FB page to attract more visitors who can become potential customers in future. 
  • Interactive user-interface of Facebook allows business leaders to share photos, videos, etc on the social media platform. Official websites add a professional touch such that it is hard to create personalized experiences. However, Facebook resolves your problem of providing a personalized customer experience without jeopardizing your personal profile. Moreover, you do not require any technical expertise to create an FB business page. You can easily customize the page and post personalized content on it.  
  • Facebook allows business owners to communicate with their existing as well as prospective clients. Potential customers can contact the business directly on its Facebook page, adding a personal touch which is not delivered through an automated business email.  
  • Customer support can be improved easily through Facebook. Enterprises can respond to customer queries quickly and resolve problems fast. Quick interaction increases levels of customer satisfaction and helps develop personal relationships with the customers, thus enhancing brand loyalty.  
  • Increasing website traffic is possible with Facebook. You can add a link to your official website on the FB page, post engaging content from your website to this page, and attract fans to click the weblink and read your website’s post completely. In this way, customers will get the required information from your FB page and also get an opportunity to visit your website and learn more about your products and services. It also helps customers to arrive at an improved buying decision. 
  • Business awareness can be increased through your FB business page. Likes and shares are excellent tools to achieve multi-marketing goals for your business.  It means once a user clicks on ‘Like’ he/she will receive updates about your business. In addition, the user’s friends will also be informed about your business updates as well. You can direct more users to your page and website in this way.

Would you like to use Facebook as your primary marketing tool, then?

Facebook for Business

Which other social media channel helps you reach above 1 billion audience, target the exact demographic, and directly communicate with customers?

Any enterprise, big or small, will benefit from Facebook advertising. It offers great opportunity for online sales, achieve brand followers, create an open discussion platform for your customers, and last but not the least spread the word about your specialties.

Potential customers for any company are present on Facebook. Having a products/service page on Facebook helps you interact with your customers directly. You won’t get this opportunity with any other advertising channel; you can at least find a platform to compete with other industry players without much investment.

However, before jumping into the bandwagon, you must learn about the difference between online sales and attracting likes. What do you think when you are creating an advertising strategy on Facebook? Firstly, you must have a clear understanding of the business goals. Do you want your ads to drive traffic to your site, such as an online store where page visitors can buy – or to drive traffic to a fan page on Facebook where visitors will just ‘like’ your product/service?

Most of the global businesses avail benefits from both options, thus an ideal solution is to combine the best of both worlds. However, without ensuring primary objectives of the ad campaign, you must not begin working.

Online Sales
External website ads are mentioned on your Facebook page through the means of click-through. The visitor is directed to your official webpage to make a purchase or for online signup.

This method of Facebook advertising has been successfully implemented across several companies around the globe. Doing it right ensures beneficial results. Simply compare your investment on FB ads with its online sales revenue and you will understand whether you need to change your strategy or not.  A preventive measure you must remember is not to ignore the social features of Facebook. Facebook advertising helps the small, traditional enterprises most.

SMEs (small and medium enterprises) offer products/services to a definite range of customers. Hence, Facebook is an excellent platform to interact with the right target customers using a personalized approach.

A successful marketing campaign on Facebook does not require any technical expertise. A major benefit of online marketing with Facebook is that SMEs do not have to compete with bigger corporations.

So, if you have a niche product/service, you will be able to gain a competitive edge with Facebook advertising. Large businesses cannot provide an in-depth focus to a single niche.

Facebook vs Twitter – What Differentiates The Two Giants of Social Media Marketing

Both Facebook and Twitter have existed since the advent of Internet marketing. However, the major distinctions between the two greatest social media platforms are as follows:

  • Audience: if you are just beginning with social media marketing, you will normally think of creating a profile on Facebook because of its huge audience base. However, the target audience chooses to spend more time on Twitter. Therefore, you must be aware about the benefits of both platforms before taking a decision.
  • Engagement: In the last few years, organic reach of Facebook posts has declined ; main reason for this is that Facebook content does not get maximum reach unless you pay for ‘boosting’ a post. Research studies concluded a decline of 49% in organic reach of Facebook posts over the last year; this has a huge impact of customer engagement as well.However, a great advantage of Facebook is that customer engagement on FB posts has a longer lifespan. Tweets disappear from the screen so quickly that enterprises have to post multiple tweets in a single day to avoid getting lost.  In Facebook, you can write several posts in a week; paid boosts will keep these posts relevant. 
  • Functionality: Both platforms serve different purposes. Twitter is normally used by people to post about current issues, connect to new people and explore new content. On the other hand, Facebook is a primary means of communicating with your near and dear ones. You must have observed your Facebook posts attract several comments and conversation threads. But Twitter conversations take place only once and that too during chats.  Twitter delivers real-time content. So, when you host or attend an event, you must post Tweets to give quick updates of the event going on currently. 

So, Why Must You Use Facebook – The Final Thoughts

As you must have learned above, Facebook offers an exclusive solution for communication, entertainment, and information sharing. You can chat, share photos, ask questions, update status, comment on others’ posts, connect with old friends, advertise etc. You will not find any other solution like Facebook over the Internet.

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