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Smoothening Application Development with Multi-Step Form Example

It is obvious that if you have an example or a prototype to refer to during application development, the response time is faster and the entire development lifecycle is easier to understand. Multi-step form example module makes Drupal development easier with a specific set of examples.

Earlier in Drupal 8, if you wanted to create a multi-step form using custom AJAX, you followed a complex process, making application development time-consuming. The absence of technical documentation also made it hard for developers to find examples of creative AJAX-based applications.

This module—Multi-step form example—allows developers to easily create an AJAX-based multi-step form and provides an interactive interface for smooth application development. You can access various examples in order to better understand how to develop an agile AJAX application. The module comes with a custom interface and is accessible only to Drupal 8 users.



How Developers Benefit?

Using a single interface to develop custom AJAX-based multi-step form, Drupal developers can now exercise more control over the entire coding process. The developed code is clean with minimal bugs. They do not have to access multiple documents and spend time on research for development-related technical documentation.


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