Top Performing Employees of Q4’2017

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Top Performing Q4 employees

We believe that employees are the binding glue for a company’s foundation; and thereby, each day is employees’ day. In large-scale organizations like us, celebrating Employee Appreciation Day to bring hundreds of employees’ together, build familiarity, and diffuse communication barriers is a must. Such events stir up the competitive spirit as we recognize and reward the best team members across the board. It encourages a healthy peer-to-peer competition and drives productivity.

Meet the ‘Rising Stars’ of Kellton Tech


YashwanthYashwanth – Rising Star

Yashwanth has made a cut to the nominations for being a learner, a crisis manager, and a deadline achiever. His problem-solving skills have helped his team deal with the most complex of situations and discover solutions in a time-bound manner. For a leading healthcare client, he carried out the impact analysis single-handedly. Despite a heavy influx of changes, Yashwanth showed patience, continued to wrap his head around the task, and got everything worked up sensibly. He created a system that required minimal code while adding new service provider entity during the development of modules; thereby, saving time and hassle. This clearly gave him an edge over his peers.


DaminiDamini Arora – Rising Star

Damini Arora has an eye for detail, and the ability to manage aggressive deadlines. She is reliable to work with and makes sure that the deadline is never missed. A self-starter by instinct, she learned server deployment independently, which helped the team in handling the narrow project timescale better. She also learned and implemented MongoDB and Elasticsearch platforms, and as a high-energy team player, helped other members to develop these skills. Damini proactively takes the lead in everything, be it coding, taking initiatives, or executing new ideas. Her code contribution is 47% of the total Java code, which is laudable.


Madhavi MaithaniMadhavi Maithani – Rising Star

Madhavi Maithani excels in Chatbot framework and can create demos for client representation on the fly. She takes ownership in solving problems; handles risk, and try her best to achieve desired outcomes. Madhavi is always enthusiastic about providing her inputs, suggesting possible changes to concepts, and driving meaningful interactions. She has shown interest in learning new things and doesn’t need much help. Right now, she is involved in the development of RASA framework, Steve Bot, HR Bot, and Kellton Tech’s own bot.


Taruna JoshiTaruna Joshi – Rising Star

Taruna Joshi impresses with her professionalism and mature approach. She weighs all pros and cons of the project, foresees the risks involved, and acts reasonably to ensure its full-proof completion. This testifies how serious she’s about achieving the best for the company. At times, there are frustrating delays and integration failures, which make the entire project hit a cropper, but Taruna has shown great patience to kept her head out of the chaos. She is confident, an efficient crisis-manager, and suggests complete solutions to problems. She never resorts to micromanaging.


Priya Priya Mehndiratta – Star of the Quarter

Priya Mehndiratta is a meticulous coder who’s a pleasure to work with. She stood out from the rest owing to her exceptional work on Konnect Mobile App. With her prowess as a software coder, she was able to launch the mobile app in less than two months, which is an incredible feat in itself. She is confident and involved in every aspect of the project, from requirements gathering, testing to final implementation, and delivered the project ahead of schedule.



RajeshRajesh Yerramsetti – Star of the Quarter

Rajesh Yerramsetti works as Jr. Accounts Executive in the US accounts team. Given the degree of care and attention his job commands, he’s a brain always at work and maintains accounts that never seem out of sorts. Over these years, he has become an indispensable resource for the team. He has shown all the attributes— Outstanding Contribution, Client Appreciation, Quality Focus, Process Improvement, Team Player, and Adherence to Right Ways—needed for the Star of the Quarter Award.


Sidhartha Siddartha Munamaka – Star of the Quarter

Sidhartha Manumaka joined Kellton Tech as an intern a little less than two years ago. Soon, his unwavering urge to pursue new things made him earn a spot for himself. Challenges don’t scare him. Instead, he shows the willingness to accept and simplify them. His level of dedication is unparalleled. 



SidharthaSai Namratha – Star of the Quarter
Sai Namratha has been instrumental in creating client’s system and the Konnect Mobile App. She has superb problem-solving skills and a keen aptitude for coding, which makes her overcome all the procedural hiccups. She willingly extends a helping hand to the rest of the team, mentors them, and leads them out of a fix if it ever occurs. Her ‘go-getting’ attitude is contagious, something that her entire team looks up to. Sai Namratha is a stickler for discipline, always punctual to work, and takes complete responsibility for the work assigned to her.


Rishabh Rishabh Khare – Most Valuable Player

Rishabh Khare has proven capabilities as a technical leader and worked his way up as a single point of contact in the team. He has an upper-hand in solving complexities and tackling risks, which help the team complete tasks on time. He works in close tandem with the client, understands his inputs, and manages everything well to meet the right outcomes. Rishabh is a superb ideator, who’s constantly suggesting ways to ensure high performance. He doesn’t shy away from trying experiments that may improve workflows. Besides this, he’s a skilled communicator, who talks reason and logic, and knows how to say ‘NO’ politely.


SunilSunil Kumar Koshika – Pat on the Back  

Sunil Koshika is a TIBCO Administrator in Kellton Tech and works in the IBM offshore delivery team. He’s an energetic, full-of-beans personality, and has won laurels for being a hard worker and a quick learner. He’s an excellent team player and works closely with his team to keep confusion out of the loop. Sunil has successfully completed all deployments and cutovers in our government project. Also, he has a distinction of getting no single escalation from the client.



Shiva Shankar GoneShiva Shankar Gone – Pat on the Back

Shiva Shankar works as a Sr. Software Engineer - webMethods in the SoftwareAG offshore delivery team. He has time and again demonstrated his ability to work hard and create a value for the company. No matter how stretchy the projects might become, he’s always buoyant about the tasks and invests his time and effort to complete it with flying colors.


SainathSainath Chary – Recruiter of the Quarter

Sam Chary bags the ‘Recruiter of the Quarter’ year for the fourth time, which makes him a special mention on the list. He’s part of the PSG Recruitment team, and has a brilliant track-record of making a number of recruitments to the company; thereby, helping it grow enormously. For the year 2017, he had made 24 recruitment and 7 placements in the first quarter in 2018, which reflects on his success as a recruiter and proves why he deserves all the accolades coming his way.



SrikantSrikanthh Bonugu – Sales Person of the Quarter

Srikanth is a part of the PSG sales team and has been a consistent performer. He brings his expertise and knowledge to create umpteen business opportunities, and help our organization to grow in full momentum. For this quarter, he has made 5 placements. In a stint spanning more than 10 years, he has shown diligence and leadership qualities, which acted in the best interests of the company.


That’s all the buzz about Employee Appreciation Day celebrations at Kellton Tech. To know more about our prolific employees and their contributions, keep checking this space. 


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