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Track User Activity to Protect Your Drupal Site

Are you facing issues with multiple users logging into your Drupal site? For me personally, it is difficult to know how many users are currently logged in. We cannot even check the number of users that have logged out of the site. The IP address which a user uses is untraceable.

The user logout tracker module, a new addition to the Drupal community monitors the user activity on your Drupal site. A Drupal user can get detailed information about each login—activity timestamp, user details, IP address etc.


Track User

We are a Step Ahead….

Drupal development will go one notch higher with the addition of this module. The module will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your Drupal site. It will make businesses aware of any suspicious activity, preventing phishing scams.

The site admin can access the administrator interface of the Drupal site to search for logout reports categorized according to user names. It increases the efficiency of the search functionality of your Drupal site.

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