User Created By: Drupal Module to Spot User Identity

Seeing beyond the dusty lanes, Kellton Tech contributes another module to enhance the framework’s functionality. ‘User Created By’, the latest module enables an existing user to track the creation of a user. The module withstands the capacity to save the UID of the parent user who adds a new user to the community. User Created By can prove extremely beneficial for sites wherein user creation authorities are restricted. With the help of this module, identifying a user would become a child’s play.


  • Stores UID of parent user.
  • The module shall recognise an anonymous user as 0.
  • User Created By offers a view handler; encouraging view relationship.

Installing the Module

  • Submit the complete user_created_by directory into your Drupal base: sites/all/modules/directory.
  • Visit user_created_by module by visiting administer followed by a click on modules.
  • The modules section shall open a new menu (User Created By) on content listing page: administer/content

Claiming the Ease

User Created By, as the name suggests allows an existing user to identify and track his landing in the community. Kellton Tech has been an aggressive contributor to the Drupal community; by discovering ways to ease user experience.