Why Businesses Must Use Social Media?

Dec 05, 2016 posted by Shipra Singh under Digital Marketing

Businesses must use social mediaRisks of not having a social media presence

  • Loss of credibility: Social media helps businesses build trust and credibility among their customers. Across several industries, enterprises are using LinkedIn to connect with other professionals and exchanging ideas for growth purposes. Prior to making a buying decision, customers browse through your company’s Facebook page or Twitter account. Therefore, lack of social media presence can hamper your business.
  • Awareness among potential customers: It is must for every enterprise to have an effective Facebook page as well as a Twitter account with a strong follower base. Presence on Twitter and Facebook gives enterprises the chance to understand the notion of the general public and your business is accessible to the potential customers. Prospects may choose your competitor only due to a social media presence.
  • Competitors Take Advantage: Other companies may take advantage on account of being present on different social media channels; hence, it becomes tough for you to save your brand. Lack of social media presence helps your competitors; they will contact your potential customers and grab the advantage with both hands.
  • You can take the advantage: Active engagement over social media is a regular activity; listen to your customer issues and try to identify the current opportunities. You can also analyse your competitor’s conversations to understand the customer’s tastes and preferences. It will help you gain an edge over your competitors and stay ahead.
  • Redundancy: Your customers expect your business to interact with them over social media. If you do not devote some time, say maybe 30 minutes to an hour, on creating a social media presence, you will not be heard online. Thus, you will create opportunities for your competitors indirectly.
  • Missing Out On Market Information: Social media is an ongoing investment for modern enterprises. Your absence means you are missing out on key market information – demographics, tastes and preferences etc.
  • Brand Reputation: You run the risk of damaging your brand value as a customer-friendly business, if you are not present on social media. Even if you don’t like, your customers will be posting on Twitter, Facebook, etc. joining the conversation means you care about your customers. Why do you want your customers to think negatively about you?
  • Customer Attention: No business wants to lose its customers’ attention. Building customer relationships over social media helps in increasing customer loyalty. It is very easy for other competitors to attract your customers just with the help of few Tweets or Facebook posts.

New Age Entrepreneurs are harnessing the power of social media

Social media has changed the ways of business protocol by using technology. It has paved the way for emerging businesses to utilize this platform to highlight and market their business in their community and global expansion as well. The social media channels have helped people connect with people near and far along with developing a learning experience to establish an office without any physical infrastructure.

Mobile applications of these social media channels are downloaded by users to communicate instantaneously. Customers are increasingly demanding for live content, in the form of attractive visuals and video, thus every business has a golden opportunity with the power of social media. It develops an interactive platform for businesses to connect with their customers.

Marketing Strategies with the help of social media

With the help of social media marketing, small businesses are getting the opportunity to reach out to more customers. In SMM, enterprises have observed a higher percentage of closures than any other form of marketing.  Social media is an interactive platform wherein customers can directly interact with various brands, thus having a strong and focused SMM plan helps you tap your potential customers and reach out to them directly. Marketing strategies using social media involves free as well as paid services. Enterprises can also cash on the opportunity to interact with customers with the help of images, videos, and other content types.

Facebook Business Pages Helps Enterprises Establish Their Identity

Facebook helps entrepreneurs to own individual social business page that helps in creating a brand value that increases business identity and enhances brand image. Facebook at Work will be an upcoming trend, thereby increasing the usage of its mobile application. Most users have downloaded the mobile app on their smartphone. Now, businesses can react to user messages or comments/feedback instantaneously. Regardless of what you are selling, or who are your customers, social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram helps you grow your brand image.

Tweets Increase Brand Visibility

Do not be left behind. Retweeting or quoting popular tweets helps increase your brand visibility and thus your business becomes popular among the customers. Quoting older tweets helps in increasing brand recall value. Twitter feeds boosts growth and allows businesses to reach out to a bigger target audience. Increase your bandwidth using the power of different social media channels.

LinkedIn Increases Business Growth

LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform, which has not been put to use properly even now. People are still exploring the great potential of this social media channel. This platform is considered best by the working professionals; it helps people connect with other industry professionals and increases business growth. One of the key features contributing to the success of LinkedIn includes the great learning opportunities.

Utilizing its features appropriately helps you promote your product/service through a wider audience reach simultaneously. Connect with your target audience directly. Businesses are able to view their customer’s complete profile, interests, and interact with them directly. Establishing professional contacts and growing the professional network is possible with the help of this medium.

Unlike other channels of social media, LinkedIn offers more features than just business advertising. Businesses can create customer-friendly content to attract potential customers and highlight your skills and strengths. Active participation over LinkedIn is one of the major factors that can help your business get noticed.

Social media is emerging rapidly; businesses are adopting this medium effectively. Interactive applications such as Facebook, Twitter etc. help enterprises to achieve higher growth rates in an organized manner. It is possible only when you use the beneficial features of each application appropriately. 

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