Why You Must Upgrade Your Digital Skills?

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Why Enterprises Must Address Digital Skills Gap

Infographic on biggest challenges to digitizationThe global economy is rapidly embracing the digital technologies. So, if you do not acquire new digital skills, you may risk losing your job. The UK economy has lost over £63bn, while the US economy is facing a loss of $1 trillion GDP in a year due to digital skills gap. Hence, there is a rising concern for enterprises to ensure they upgrade their digital skills in order to succeed.

Keeping in mind that the digital economy is a huge concern, and above 1 lakh jobs will be created by 2020, you might think that enterprises have already created a team of the best resources. Sadly, it isn’t true. Most companies have not yet understood the requirements of a digital workforce, and without an efficient digital plan, you are truly in the land of the blind. 

Globally, workplaces are changing with the onset of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Digital transformation and automation will witness a change in job roles and business processes. Increase in complexity and greater skills will be in huge demand – even for tasks at the entry-level. Therefore, education systems must adapt and equip future professionals with the skills necessary for a digital enterprise. Listed below are few jobs that are at risk due to automation.
Infographic - Risk of losing jobs due to automation

  • Documentation: Proficiency in digital tools enhances efficient reporting and performance analysis for the entire workforce. Digital spreadsheets and reports are easily shareable across different departments through email or intranet systems. Benefits include transparency, clear communication, and fewer analysis errors.
  • Coordination and collaboration: Complement traditional collaboration skills with digital methods like videoconferencing, file sharing and project tracking knowledge. Nowadays, even if you have enough work experience, you might stand to lose your job due to a lack of digital skills.  
  • Communication:  A report by McKinsey Global Institute states that we spend 28% of our work week writing/reading/responding emails, which adds up to our inefficiency. It is critical to understand the role of email, SMS, social media, IM, and voice calls.
  • Attention Management: Encourage employees to learn about minimizing distractions caused due to connected devices and prioritize multiple tasks.
  • Research: Online sources generate a huge volume of information. However, it is hard to differentiate information sources based on credibility. Hence, employees must find essential information quickly, identify high-quality sources, and carry out efficient research methodologies to extract business value.
  • Privacy and security: A paradigm shift in technology gives rise to security and privacy concerns. The greatest risk factor for an organization is human errors. Trainings and workshops will help employees to aTop 10 Digital Skillscquaint themselves with latest technology trends.

In the digital world, most of us are working in digital jobs. Digital disruption has affected every customer touchpoint and global businesses. Hence, a digital strategy and knowledge is essential

From CEOs assessing cybercrime threats to marketers analyzing trending platforms, most job functions need digital skills at all levels. 

Senior managers need digital expertise for finding knowledge, validating it, and collaborating with other team members to use this knowledge appropriately.

Accenture study on digital share in GDPA recent study by Accenture throws light on the major role of digital technologies in the global economy; optimizing the use of digital skills and technologies could generate $2 trillion of additional global economic output by 2020. The study also reveals the major role of digital in economic activity; Digital skills, capital, goods and services contribute to more than one-fifth of the global GDP.

Job seekers, you can takeInfographic on Barriers to Digital Skill upgrade advantage of the new roles in business by upgrading your digital skills. Irrespective of your current role, organizations are looking for professionals having a good know-how of digital skills for enterprise-wide growth.

Employers must identify the shortfalls of the organization, develop necessary talent and emerge as a leader of innovative trends. Hence, you must recruit people, in all departments, who drive digital strategies

The infographic displays top barriers that impede an organization from taking advantage of digital trends.

The challenge for businesses is to find and continue to develop essential digital skills so that they stay on top of emerging trends.

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