Legacy in-house access control and security systems; non-integrated client systems posed manageability issues


Built and deployed future-ready cloud-based device management and access control solution using Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT; automated access rights to users and synchronized data across the topology; enabled a B2B multi-tenancy system for centralized client management


Improved real-time device management; achieved end-to-end situational visibility; improved customer service; enabled better client manageability

Key Challenges

  1. With a view to improving access control management and gaining a trusted view into all the gateways and edge devices across multiple facilities, our client had built and deployed an electronic access control and security system. Though it was a promising solution, it wasn’t integrated optimally with their flagship product line because of several isolated systems and multiple levels of dependencies.
  2. As different touchpoints weren’t integrated, the access control topology did not allow for end-to-end analytics to be run in real-time centrally. Lack of an edge gateway connected to all IoT devices in the field meant that edge analytics was not an option either.
  3. Disparate client systems were another pain point that impacted business value. Since there was no proper integration in place, managing multiple client systems was challenging and added unnecessary costs.

With 16000 employees and innumerable corporate partners, our client is one of the world’s largest access and security solutions providers. Founded in 1862, the company is committed to providing the most innovative and reliable solutions to ensure an infallible sense of security. With a legacy that marks 150+ years of service excellence, our client has served a large portfolio of customers that include hotels, airports, hospitals, offices, and homes.

Our Solutions

We participated in several brainstorming sessions to get a fair idea about the company’s vision and required functionalities. Various on-premise workshops were conducted to deep-dive into project requirements. As part of our solution, we developed and deployed a future-oriented cloud-based device management and access control and analytics solution based on Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT. This solution was engineered to ride over the functional gaps across the access control topology, streamline device management with end-to-end integration, and ensure seamless real-time data exchange. In addition to this, we implemented Edge Analytics and automated responses to events in real-time, an approach that eliminated the need for human intervention, resulting in high operational efficiencies and enhanced security across the board.

With effective device management and seamless data exchange in place, there is no delay in processing user access requests. The new solution is greatly extensible to meet our client’s growing customer operations.

To facilitate centralized client management, we also built and deployed a strong B2B multi-tenant system that synced well with their expansive distribution and support channels. It also ensured a single, integrated view into different access levels.

Business Benefits

  • Streamlined device management and real-time access control
  • Minimized latencies and improved customer service
  • Ensured scalability to millions of devices
  • Increased endpoint visibility into access control networks
  • Improved responsiveness to market shifts
  • Delivered substantial costs benefits

Project Outcomes

Project Outcomes
Took just 4 months In custom development
Up to 40% Cost savings
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