Agile Delivery Model

Taking the Big Leap from Fragile to Agile with Ongoing Innovation

The need to go agile is inarguably the biggest manifestation of digital transformation. Acting on this crucial growth indicator, global enterprises are increasingly using agile delivery models to swiftly respond to market changes and stay ahead of the curve. 

Our client, a top-notch leader in digital wallet industry, wanted to energize their business cores with agility. However, there were several barriers on the way. Their traditional business models were a hurdle to innovation and efficiency. While lack of innovation forced them to use conventional technologies, reduced efficiency triggered delays in project development cycles. All these challenges eventually impacted the speed and quality of customer service. 

To drive change, our client needed to reach the bottom of the pyramid and turn it upside down, which was extremely challenging. They collaborated with Kellton Tech to come out of this conundrum. We provided full support and helped them shape their IT optimization journey using agile delivery models to help them thrive.


  • Traditional business models inhibited performance, efficiency, and speed
  • Slow project development cycles 
Our Solution
  • Agile delivery model drove transformation at business model, architecture, and operating platform level
  • Completely overhauled IT systems
Business Benefits
  • Improved agility with scalability
  • Enhanced innovation at all levels
  • Reduced costs

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