Traditional operating model; lack of innovation; high-latency workflows; increased costs


Implemented a complete overhaul of the IT landscape with the new-age transforming technologies; consolidated and managed their legacy IT applications


Improved operational efficiency; decreased costs; lowered latencies

Key Challenges

  1. Global enterprises reckon the power of the digital revolution as an important shape-shifter to build on the future set of opportunities. However, our client’s vision to inspire digital success was punctuated with many challenges, the first being their static operating model, which hobbled their ability to change and innovate.
  2. The impact of existing IT saturation was reflected on the levels of efficiency that continually sank. Project development cycles were frustratingly slow and expensive, and the performance of online transactions wasn’t up to the mark.
  3. Lack of innovation forced our client to build its business on ‘Vanilla’ technologies. The immediate consequence was the substandard performance of business products and an increase in the overall execution costs.


Founded in 2010, our client has an unassailable lead in today’s e-commerce industry. Acquiring a billion dollar unicorn status and a subscriber count of 300+ million, the company has seen a meteoric rise in a short span of time, with pioneering innovation.

Our Solutions

We carefully analyzed our client’s IT landscape and reviewed systems to identify the red flags. This was important to check the future state IT readiness for the initiatives. We enabled an agile, flexible, and futuristic operating model by harnessing the potential of digital technologies. This was instrumental in driving accelerated change and empowering our client to bolt on modern digital capabilities to win over today’s market challenges.

Reinventing IT, while not letting costs go out of control, was a key focus area. Rip-and-replace approach wasn’t ideal since it could mean a huge drain on the cost. We created connected systems to remove data silos, ensuring the free flow of data. This approach ensured scalability and reduced costs by achieving operational efficiency.

Our team completed process transition to enable agile IT, better equipped to respond quickly to business challenges. We used new digital capabilities that spanned over development, monitoring, and maintenance need to power Increased productive capacity and innovation, efficiency, and personalization.

Business Benefits

  • Revamped core IT bottom lines to sustain growth in times of digital change
  • Increased productive capacity and efficiency in service delivery
  • Eliminated latencies to boost project development lifecycles
  • Delivered significant cost benefits


Project Outcomes

Project Outcomes
7 million+ Merchants
5 billion+ Transactions/year
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