API-Based Integration Solution Improves Fleet Utilization for a Cruise Line

Adoption of disruptive IT is the cool, new talk. However, it’s the ‘connectivity’ that helps IT flourish in the best interests of the enterprises. When IT systems are connected, the communications are streamlined, the data is empowered, and the efficiency elevates. 

CruiselineOur client, being a cruise line, operates around huge sea geography, and it wasn’t long ago when they were facing the challenges of disintegrated fleet systems and lack of real-time data connectivity. They were in a need of a complete digital transformation solution that simplifies operations across their dispersed supply chains and brings data swamps in use for insights and predictive growth. Kellton Tech took up the challenge and delivered an API-based smart integration solution to keep our client ahead of the disruptive curve. 

-    IT heterogeneity threw workstreams in the state of fix
-    Sluggish, legacy-based interfaces threatened customer experience
-    System outages weren’t handled appropriately

Our Solution
  • Implemented an API-based integration solution based on Software AG's webMethods integration suite to bring IT systems in tandem
  • Modernized SOAP-based interfaces to REST APIs
  • Introduced and configured new production servers to create a stable production environment
Business Benefits
  • End-to-end IT consistency and accelerated service delivery
  • Increased productivity and agility
  • Enhanced visibility into supply chains
  • Effective planning, higher ROIs and positive user experience

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