B2B/EDI Integration Solution for a Leading US-based Insurance Provider

Today, seamless data exchange has become an important catalyst to business performance. Serving the need are B2B EDI integration solutions, which help enterprises exchange data across their partner ecosystems with ease and speed, while also ensuring full-chain visibility. 

Our client, a key insurance player, was facing challenges with their existing legacy-driven B2B gateway. The system was ineffective at managing high-volume EDI transactions and posed communication hassles. Besides this, our client’s disparate IT systems and applications were resulting in system latencies and reduced productivity. 

Clearly, our client needed a speed fix, for which they collaborated with Kellton Tech. We delivered an effective B2B EDI integration solution that automated and simplified data exchange while allowing greater visibility and operational control. 


  • Existing non-automated B2B gateway was affecting the quality of inter-company communication
  • Fragmented IT workflows crippled real-time data exchange and process efficiencies
  • Inflexible user interface wasn’t providing personalized results and posed navigational hassles
Our Solution
  • Delivered a high-end B2B EDI integration solution using Software AG's webMethods Trading Networks
  • Integrated multi-level insurance processes using Database Objects
  • Deployed an intuitive user interface based on Dynamic Server Pages (DSPs)
Business Benefits
  • Increased agility in payment processing and partner onboarding
  • Enabled seamless business partner connectivity
  • Boosted service quality
  • Reduced integration costs

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