Business Process Automation and Data Integration

Business Automation Helps a Leader in Mining Solutions Grow at Pace

Business process automation is a topic of discussion in almost every boardroom today. Replacing manual systems with automated IT infrastructure is an important baseline for transformation for businesses willing to succeed in the age of fast-paced innovation and hyperconnectivity. 

Our client, much like other modern businesses, wanted to achieve the wider benefits of business automation and data integration technologies. However, without a strong technological foundation, the transformation was anything but easy. Existing manual systems and protocols were bogging down our client’s efficiency and productive capacity. Without the ability to automate product development cycles, any effort to improve performance and time to market wasn’t getting off the ground. 

The client was missing out on massive growth opportunities and needed a strong fix. Kellton Tech’s business process automation and data integration methodologies proved a game changer. Not only did we help them drive new business value, but also propelled them to new beginnings in the digital age. 


  • Existing manual business systems posed latency issues
  • Traditional data environments slammed business planning initiatives
  • Non-automated carrier onboarding systems impacted business growth and revenues
Our Solution
  • Enabled end-to-end business process automation using Software AG’s webMethods B2B Product Suite
  • Implemented new EDI landscape for automated data integration
  • Automated carrier onboarding systems for increased business opportunities 
Business Benefits
  • Improved efficiency
  • Eliminated latency
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Enhanced business collaboration

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